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The fuse box is located to the bottom lrft of the steering wheel behind the coin holder. all you do is open it up and the pull it towards you of the rear hinges.. It will snap right back into place.

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Where is the 91 vandura G2500 Instrument Panel Cluster Relay located?

The 91 Vandura G2500 Instrument Panel Cluster Relay is located on the dashboard.

How do you change a Chevy S-10 instrument panel light?

remove the trim panel around the instrument cluster then remove cluster. On the back of instrument cluster are the bulbs just turn them half a turn and they come right out.

How do you remove the instrument cluster on a 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E?

Begin by removing the instrument panel cover. The instrument cluster will be held in place with for retaining screws. Remove the retaining screws and the instrument cluster will come out.

Does general motors recall defective gauge cluster?

is their recall 04 tahoe instrument panel cluster

What is an ip harness on a 1987 Corvette?

instrument panel,or guage cluster

Where is the cluster located in a 1996 dodge caravan?

Usually, 'cluster', refers to the instrument/gauge cluster or instrument/gauge panel that the driver looks at, containing the speedometer, fuel gauge, etc.

How do you remove the instrument cluster on a 2002 explorer?

Disconnect negative battery cableTilt the steering wheel to its lowest position and remove the instrument cluster bezelRemove the instrument cluster retaining screwsPull the instrument cluster out,unplug the electrical connectors from the backside and the shift indicator from the bottom (automatic trans models) then remove the cluster from the instrument panel

Where is the instrument cluster relay located on a 1991 buick regal limited?

where is the 91 vandura G2500 Instrument Panel Cluster Relay located

How do you change bulb on instrument panel of 2000 Chevy Impala?

you cannot service panel lights on 2000 impala . you hav to replace the instrument cluster.

What is clstr on the fuse panel on your 2005 Sunfire?

That's probably for the instrument cluster.

Your instrument panel on a 2002 Mercedes c240 will not illuminate what could be wrong?

This is cluster failure! The instrument cluster will need to be replaced this is usually done by certified Mercedes repair facility

Where is the audio amplifier located in a 2003 Lexus es300?

It is probably located in the passenger side kick panel. That is on the right leg side of the passenger.

What is it when you put your car into drive the instrument cluster panel wont work?

electrical issue

How do you replace the gauge cluster on a 1996 Dodge Neon?

remove the top trim panel off the dashboard, the front trim panel from the instrument panel and remove the screws. good luck finding a replacement cluster

How do you remove the instrument cluster in a 1993 Toyota Camry?

It is not difficult. First you have to remove the 12vot cigarette lighter plastic and then remove the radio. 4 screws for the radio. Then you have to remove the panel that goes from the radio up to the instrument cluster. This panel has 4 screws. 2 of them are on top of the instrument cluster (visible) and the other two should be visible after removal of radio.

How do you find a burned out light in the instrument panel on a 85 Bronco 11 is it hidden?

all of the bulbs in the instrument panel are on the backside of the instrument cluster.which means unless you can reach up under the dash to get to them you wiil have to remove the instrument cluster.

Fix instrument panel 94 Lexus 450?

Good morning: Lexus dealership want to charge $2300 to repair flickering instrument panel on 94 Lexus 450 LS. I think well I can't really tell you what I think but it must be repaired. Can someone please tell me what our my options. Thank you.

How do you reconnect the computer to talk to the instrument panel for 2000 jeep wrangler?

remove instrument cluster and clean plug at rear of cluster and other plug in dash, common problem - dirty plug causes no cluster activity and or goofy stuff

2003 Chevy silverado rpm speedometer and fuel gauge stopped working rpm gauge say's 1000 rpm whenever driving.?

could be a bad instrument cluster panel, they had a recall on the instrument cluster panel. I had my speedometer stop working and was given a price to fix it and blew it off. Then the recall came and I got a new instrument cluster and that fixed the problem which they knew they had.

How hard is it to replace instrument panel lights on 1995 Nissan Quest?

# Disconnect the negative battery cable. # Apply the parking brake and block the rear wheels. # Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. # Shift the gearshift lever to the 1position. # Position the steering wheel in the full-down position. # Remove the two instrument cluster bezel screws. # Separate the instrument cluster bezel from the instrument panel enough to gain access to the electrical connectors. Disconnect the following electrical connectors: # Rear window wiper/washer switch # Rear window defogger switch # Hazard warning flasher switch # Power E-AT switch, if equipped # Security indicator lamp, if equipped # Cruise control ON/OFF switch # Headlamp switch # Remove the instrument cluster bezel with the switches attached. # Remove the four instrument cluster screws and separate the instrument cluster from the instrument panel. # Position the cluster to gain access to the gearshift indicator. Remove the gearshift indicator from the cluster. # Disconnect the electrical connectors from the instrument cluster and remove the cluster. # The installation is the reverse of removal.

1997 grand am se cluster panel how do you fix it?

you have to replace the entire instrument cluster. Get a used one it much cheeper, try

Where is the bulb on a 95chevy s-10 instrument panel?

There are many bulbs in the gauge cluster. The gauge cluster must be removed to gain access to them.

Where is the fuse for the instrument cluster on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am?

The instrument panel cluster fuse can be found in the fuse box. The fuse box is located in the engine compartment. The fuse will be in the second column, third from the top.

Instrument cluster for a 1998 Dodge Neon no power on speedometer odometer oil fuel.?

buy a new instrument cluster or check the wires in back my car had that problem and it was a loose connection to the back of the panel

Where is the instrument panel fuse on a 2006 Buick Rendezvous?

Dont think this question is detailed enough what is wrong with it? what do you mean panel? the cluster? what is not working