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Where is the headlight relay located on a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500?

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2008-01-26 01:58:47

There is no relay in the 1996 Dodge Ram, only a breaker in the

power distribution box under the hood... Dodge uses basically the

same headlight switch from the 60's through '98 when they realized

that the 1 ton trucks (with extra lights and usually used for

towing) were burning up the headlight switch, harness, etc... a

very dangerous condition. When they changed truck styles in '94 and

started using the high watt halogens, no thought was put into the

extra current draw through a 40 year old switch design! Dodge's fix

for the 1 ton trucks ONLY was recall #819. There is a lot of

good information if you search for it, but basically the recall

covers replacing the headlight switch (because the stock one is

usually melted around terminals B1, B2, R, and H), replacing the

connector (for the same reason) and installing a standard relay and

harness for the running light circuit. I burned the switch out on

my '96 2500 Ram (because I tow a lot) and Chrysler Corp basically

said "too bad". I reported this potentially fatal issue to the


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