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I think it's near the front driver side wheel well ..and that's about all I know If I find out more I'll post it..

AnswerI have a 90' GL and the horn is on the passenger side in front of the tire under the bumber skirt. AnswerI have a 1990 Probe LX, and I had to replace the horn. You'll need to take off the Driver's Side Front Wheel. Remove the shielding to the front of the wheel, and it should be right there. Sometimes it has a weird mounting bracket, and if it's a wiring problem, you're gonna have issues, but if you're just replacing the horn, it shouldn't be a problem. OEM horns are a signel-wire connection, so make sure your horn has that option.
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Q: Where is the horn on a 1990 Ford Probe LX?
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Where is the factory amp for a 1994 Ford Probe?

In a 1990 LX it is under the passenger seat.

Where is the brake fluid on 91 Ford Probe?

In a 1990 LX it is the round container with the black top on the driver's side of the firewall.

What is the proper spark plug gap for a 1994 ford probe gt?

what is the spark plug gap for an 1989 ford probe lx? Thank you.

What is the largest engine you can fit into a 89 ford probe lx?

as big as your wallet!

Where is the sensor for the engine coolant on a 1991 Ford Probe lx?

The sensor for the engine coolant on a 1991 Ford Probe LX is inside of the coolant tank. There is a lever, and when the fluid gets below this lever, it signals to be checked. It should be refilled.

Brake line schematics for a 1989 Ford Probe LX?

take your foot off the gas!

Whats the best way to take the starter off a 1985 Ford Probe LX?

pay someone to do it.

How much horsepower does a 1991 Ford Probe with a V6 have?

145 horsepower for 3.0 V-6 in a LX

Vehicle weight of a 92 Ford Probe?

The 1992 Ford Probe came in three different models, the GT, the GL, and the LX. All three have a?æstock curb weight of 2730 pounds.?æ

Where is the horn located on a 1988 Ford Mustang LX convertible 4-cylinder?

The horn are located in the driver side front fender

Where is the Horn Located on the 1997 Ford Escort LX?

The horn for the 1997 Ford Escort Lx is located underneath the front end of the car. You'll have to crawl under the car face up or if you can lift the car up to see the horn. (It looks kind of like a snail shell or that kind of basic shape.)

Where is the horn located on a 1997 ford escort station wagon lx?

Ford escort horns are usually located behind the bumper.

Where is the horn relay on a ford 1994 escort lx?

Under the dash between the console and the heater controls.

What type of oil filter does a 1990 Ford Escort LX use?

According to the 1.9 liter - 4 cylinder in a 1990 Ford Escort LX uses the Motorcraft ( FL-400-S ) engine oil filter

1990 mustang lx auto lost power while driving why?

Because its a ford

Where is the horn fuse box in a 1994 fordlx?

i know where the fuse box is under the dash, but where is the horn fuse in my 1994 ford lx escort! (1.9 litter). I have no horn sound! I need to know where is the fuse?????????

What is the cost of a diagnostic check for a 1990 ford escort lx?

Free if you go to the right mechanic

Where is the coolant temperature sensor 1990 ford mustang lx?

the left front side of your intake

What is the standard tire size for a 1990 ford escort lx?

185/65 R 14.

Can't start 1990 ford probe lx has all lights but wont turn over?

Replace the starter solenoid which is attached to the positive battery cable. Also clean both battery cables and inspect the cables while you are cleaning them.

Are the motor mounts on a 1989 ford probe gt the same as the mounts on a 1989 ford probe lx?

they both should have a 2.2 engin and the gt has a turbo but they are the same and will fit but you might come into some problums with the dash seeing as you have no boost gage for your turbo.

Where is the washer fluid pump located on a 1990 Ford Probe?

On a LX it is located right on the washer fluid tank at the bottom. You will need to pull out the coolant overflow tank. The coolant tank and the washer fluid tank are one unit. it is a piece of cake.

What is the fuel tank capacity for a 1990 Ford Escort LX Hatchback?

Most of the ford escorts made had a 12 gallon tank (approximate).

What oil does ford recommend for a 1990 mustang 5.0?

My ( 1991 ) 5.0 LX Ford Mustang always used 5W-30 as recommended

I have a 1990 ford probe Lx 3.0 v6 and i just changed my radiator both hoses thermostat n my cars temp is still high what could be the cause of this?

Have you gone through an checked your waterpump / waterpump hose to make sure they're ok?