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Where is the idler pulley on a 1990 Jeep Wrangler 4 cylinder and what does it look like?


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2006-08-14 07:14:07
2006-08-14 07:14:07

It's located on the front of the engine. It's belt pully that isn't "driving" anything. It's just chillin' spinning freely..


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Belt is worn out, or the idler pulley is defective. Replace the belt and inspect the idler puley.

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Idler PulleyI recently replaced a idler pulley on my Chevy 305 v8 from Auto Air of Oklahoma. Their web site is, you might try them, I looked everywhere for a idler pulley before I found these guys. TJ

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6 quarts for the 6 cylinder. 5 quarts for the 4 cylinder.

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The factory engine sizes are a 2.5L four cylinder and a 4.0L six cylinder.

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either a 2.4 4 cylinder or 4.0 liter 6 cylinder engine

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