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Make certain you turn the A/C OFF before shutting off your engine. In hot weather a rather unpleasant smell will blow out the next time you start the A/C. I don't know if it dries out the vent or what, but I just shut it off 10 seconds or so before turning off the ignition. I live in the Mojave and this happens during hot weather no matter what car I drive (Mercury, Hyundai, Jeep) and I can duplicate it without fail. I think it is something about the R-134a refrigerant because I never noticed it on the (pre-1994) R-12 A/C systems.

Answeryou should have the catalytic converter looked at useally a foul smell means that is bad. if its not that iam sory have no other suggestions, but good luck. AnswerUnder the hood (or it may be visible while the hood is closed)there is an intake near where the wipers mount. (I'm siiting at my desk and can't see my car) An Automotive Air conditioning mechanic in Florida told me this trick: While running the AC, spray some air freshener with bacteria, mold and mildew killing stuff in it, into the intake/grill. I used Lysol spray cleaner with bacteria, mold and mildew killing stuff in it and the smell went away. Also make sure to keep this are free of leaves and debri - this stuff can get in there, get wet and start to rot causing the smell. - Good luck AnswerI had the same problem with my 95 JGC, try clearing the drain line from the AC. See the entries from a previous question.
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Q: Where is the intake vent you can spray some bacteria killer into if a foul smell comes out every time you turn on the heat or AC?
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