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on 4.6 intake has to come off

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โˆ™ 2006-05-20 05:36:43
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Q: Where is the knock sensor on the smaller v8 engine and does the intake really need to be removed in order to replace it?
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Does the head have to be removed to replace lifters in a 4.0 liter jeep engine?

i dont think they do, the lifters are right under the intake manifold

Where is the EGR valve on a 2002 2.3L Ford Ranger Does the intake manifold have to be removed to replace it?

no its out side of the intake

Where is located the knock sensor on a Nissan Xterra 2001?

if it is a v6 engine it is located underneath the intake manifold and you have to removed the manifold to replace it. if it is a 4 cylinder it is located on the back side of the engine block below the manifold

Where is the head gasket located on a 1999 Oldsmobile?

There are 2 of them. They are sandwiched between the heads and the engine block. In order to replace them the intake manifold and heads must be removed and exhaust manifold disconnected. Always replace both of them on a V6.

Can you replace lifters in a 302 Ford engine without removing the intake manifold?


How do you replace a starter on 1995 Cadillac Seville northstar?

You must remove the intake first . Its underneath the intake, in the middle of the engine

Where is the knock sensor on a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe?

There is 2 of them on that engine and there underneith the intake manifold. You can't see them are even get to them until the intake is removed.

Where is the EGR valve on a 2001 3.0L V6 Chrysler Sebring?

Looking at the engine from the front/top it is in the center between the firewall and the rear of the engine near the throttle input. actually very east to replace. On coupe, it is NOT easy to replace. The entire intake manifold must be removed to gain access.

Will the intake have to be removedonly when the exhaust manifold needs to be removed?

You need to BClear. What Engine are we working with? In General the answer is no.

Where is starter location on Toyota sequoia?

Under the intake manifold Between the top intake manifold and the engine block. The top intake manifold must be removed to access the starter.

Where is the knock sensor on a 1997 cadillac SLS?

It is located underneath the engine, near the intake manifold. The engine will have to be lifted up for it to be removed.

How to replace intake manafold on V6 3800 engine?

Ineed the torque sequence and tightening specs for a 92 GM 3800 intake.

Where are the injectors on a 97 Chevy 350?

Where your main intake hose connects to the top of the engine from the air filter box. That is called your upper intake manifold. The injectors are under there. I have removed the upper intake many times because of having to replace injectors on those style trucks. The Oem injectors from the factory are crap.

Do you have to remove the intake manifold to change the bypass hose on a 1997 4.6 Mercury Marquis?

No, not for the hose but, I have seen the metal bypass tube that the hose connects to, rust out and cause a coolant leak out the back of the engine. The intake manifold would have to be removed to replace that metal tube.

How do you you replace the starter on Lexus sc 400?

The starter is located under the intake manifold so the whole top of the engine has to be removed before getting to the starter. PITA job and costly if you have someone else do it.

What hose do you need to replace on a 97 Lincoln town car when all water and coolant leaks out when not in use?

Probably the one that is leaking. The metal tube that runs front to back under the intake manifold is known to rust out and leak coolant out the upper back end of the engine. The intake manifold must be removed to replace that tube.

How do you replace a head gasket on a 95 sunfire Gt 2.3 L?

Remove the upper radiator hose, carburetor, intake manifold, and exhaust manifold. There are lots of hoses and wires going to various devices on the intake manifold and around the engine that have to be removed also. Additionally the alternator, water pump, smog pump, etc. need to be removed.

Where is the starter located on a 1997 corolla?

on the firewall side of the engine, below the intake manifold, bolted to the transmission. the top bolt is removed from under the hood, the bottom bolt is removed from under the engine.

How do you replace the intake silencer on BMW 535 2009?

The case is on the driver's side of the engine bay, near the headlight, it has metal clip you have to pop off and the cover can be removed giving you access to the filter. Replace filter and reintall filter, clips pop back on.

Where is the starter motor located on a 1995 northstar engine and can it be removed easily?

where is the starter motor located on a 1995 northstar and can it be removed without much trouble Its under the intake manifold on the driver side. just remove the intake cover, then the upper intake and there it is. good luck.

Cost to replace intake gasket on astro van?

I have a mid size RV that's shaped like a van in the front. The intake was removed. Is it hard to put back on.  

Where is the intake valve on a 1992 ford f150 5.0 liter and how to install it?

a 5.0 is a v8 engine, so there are 8 intake valves.each cylander has 1 intake and one exhaust valve in the head. to install a valve the head must be removed from the engine block

How do you stop the leak for housing intake on a 2004 Dodge Intrepid engine 2.7?

Replace the failed part.Replace the failed part.

How do you change the fuel pressure regulartor on a 2000 s10 4.3?

You will need to remove the upper intake assembly to access the fuel pressure regulator. Once you have the upper intake removed a simple retaining clip is removed to allow you to replace the regulator.

Where is the distributor cap on a dodge dakota?

The distributor cap is to the rear of the engine behind the air intake. To replace it, I recommend moving the air intake out of the way.