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On the 1.1, it's screwed into the exhaust pipe near the engine, and has a plug/socket connection on top of the tyransmission. The Haynes manual shows it and tells you how to change it.

Cost approx �63.00 from Motormania

you must also buy a lambda 22mm 3/8 socket to get it of,you can not clean them either

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โˆ™ 2010-02-18 15:02:48
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Q: Where is the lambda sensor located on a Peugeot 106 and how do you replace it?
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Where is the lambda sensor located on a peugeot 306?

Year, engine?? Normaly lambda sensor is below exhaust collector

Do all Peugeot 106 xsi have a lambda sensor fitted?


Where is lambda sensor located on clio 1995?

Lambda is o2 sensor in exhaust pipe.

What are the Wiring color codes for peugeot 205?

Green and red wire on lambdA sensor

Where is the lambda sensor located on a 1992 Jaguar xjs?

where is the right hand bank lambda sensor on a V12 1992 XJS

Where is the downstream Lambda sensor located on a Nissan Micra?

All Down stream Lambda sensors are located(screwed into) the exhaust pipe, after the catalytic converter( usually with in a footafter the cat.).

Where do you connect the two pairs of cables of a lambda sensor on a Peugeot catalytic 1400cc engine of the TU3 series?

you plug them into the sensors on the exhaust downpipe!

What is lambda sensor?

it is an oxygen sensor. located at before the catalytic converter to measure the amount of air fuel mixture. the term "lambda" is used since it uses a mathematical equation to determine this measure.

Where is lambda sensor 1997 v70 awd?

you have 2 of them. they are located before and after the catalytic converter

How do you replace speed sensor on 1992 Toyota Previa and where is the sensor located?

How do i replace speed sensor on 1992 toyota previa and where is the sensor located

Which gas component does a lambda sensor respond to?

The lambda sensor reads the oxygen in the exhaust stream.

How do you change a O2 sensor on 1995 Subaru Impreza?

if you mean the lambda sensor it could either be located just after the turbo or it will be on the up pipe to the turbo its all according which model you have but just unplug it and unscrew it and replace it and then plug it back in.

Where is the lambda sensor on a Kia Sportage?

The Lambda Sensor is situated in exhaust downpipe with connector rear of engine N/S.

Peugeot 106 eratic idle?

This is a very common fault on these cars (i've had 5). Two of the most common causes of which are 1. A dirty idle control valve - Find, remove, clean and reinsert it. 2. broken Lambda sensor - replace original

Where is the temperature sensor for the engine fan located on a peugeot 406 v reg?

The water temperature sensor is located on the front of the engine. You will find the sensor behind the thermostat housing.

What kind of signal does the lambda sensor send?

oxygen sensor

Where is the iat sensor on a Peugeot 206?

Peugeot have two types of IAT sensors. This first sensor for IAT is combined with the MAP sensor. The second IAT sensor for the GTi & GTi 180's are separate entitties and are located at the top of the throttle body.

Were is the Air temp sensor Peugeot 207?

Where is the IAT sensor in a peugeot 207

What is lambda sound?

Lambda Sond is an Oxygen sensor which is very important to the fuel system.

Is a nox sensor the same as a lambda sensor?

A Nox sensor is very similar to a lambda probe, but its dedicated to measuring oxides of nitrogen in the exhaust gas. It looks pretty much the same and goes into the exhaust just like a lambda probe.

I now have a code P 0161 The truck is a 02 Dakota with a 4.7 Whats the code mean and if a sensor wheres it located thanks?

P0161 is a Lambda heater sensor malfunction (oxygen sensor) located in the front section of the exhaust system.

How to replace boxster s tire pressure sensor battery?

You can not replace just the tire pressure sensor on a Boxster. You will need to replace the whole sensor. The sensor is located inside the tire assembly.

How to replace 2004 Nissan maxima camshaft sensor?

Did you figure out where this sensor is located

How do you replace the oxygen sensor on a Cavalier where is it located?

The O2 sensor is located on the exhaust system there might be more then one

How do you replace the temperature sensor on Peugeot 306?

well really it is best for you to go to a MOT garage or a bp garage