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Where is the location of the coolant pet cock on a 2002 S10 4.3 engine?



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It will be on the bottom of the radiator somewhere. It very well may be under some sort of shield or cover, but most of the time theres a hole where you can see it.

The best way to do it, really would be to take the bottom radiator hose off the radiator. It will drain faster from both the block and the radiator. Just remember that there will still be some coolant in the block that is below the water pump level.

If you want to drain the block you have to get at the block drains. There is one on each side, and are just a 3/8 pipe plug. One side will most likely have a knock sensor in it. taking out the block drain will completely drain the engine.

I know this is true, because i just installed a tank heater on my S-10.