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Mine is a '92 and the sensor is screwed into the back of the radiator on the passenger side about halfway down.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-24 08:48:14
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Q: Where is the low coolant sensor in a 1997 Pontiac Gran Prix?
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How to replace fuel tank pressure sensor?

how to replace fuel tank pressure sensor pontiac gran prix 1997

Where is coolant drain on a 2003 Pontiac Gran Prix?

Under radiator on bottom left, should be a plug or a screw.

Where is the crank shaft position sensor located on a 99 Pontiac Gran Am?


Coolant bleed screw on 97 Pontiac gran prix?

It's up on the thermostat housing. Follow your upper rad hose to the thermostat housing.

How do you clean the throttle body on a 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix?

"How do you clean the throttle body on a 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix?"

Why is your 1997 Pontiac gran prix sputtering when you press the gas?

Probably need a new Fuel Filter. When was last time it was changed?

What is the car from the movie Sonny?

pontiac gran am

What does the g in pontiac g6 stand for?


If you have a 1994 Pontiac gran prix what do you do if the antifreeze is leaking?

Find the leak and replace the hose/part that's leaking. It's a good time to flush your coolant system, too.

My Pontiac gran prix se 4 dr the coolant is leaking and not from the radiator. where can it be from?

Leaks can be wherever two surfaces meet as coolant passes by.Water pumpHose connectionsHeater coreCracked radiator capBlown head gasket

Where is the coolant located on 07 gran marquis?

In the cooling system.

1994 Pontiac gran am lose power?

coil pack

How do you remove 2001 Pontiac gran prix gtp?

remove what?

Where can you get a diagram of the electric system for a Pontiac Gran Am 1997?

Chiltons repair manuals advertise wiring and vacume diagrams Get a Haynes book instead; Chilton manuals are garbage!

Your Pontiac grand prix windshield wipers stay up when turned off how can you fix this?

1997 gran prix wipe stay in upright possission when shut how to fix

Low coolant light comes on and goes off on 2002 gran prix?

I had this problem and the manfold gasket was leaking I am aware of sensor issues with this but I has to replace the manifold gasket problem solved.

Will a automatic transmission out of a 1990 Pontiac Gran Prix fit into a 1993 Pontiac Gran Prix with the same engine?

yes it will as long as they both are overdrive transmissions i just did it two weeks ago

Where is the engine coolant temperature sensor on a 2001 Mercury Gran Marquis you are told there is 2 sensors 1 Being the ECT sensor and 1sensor tempng unit that is top front pasenger side?

they have ect and cht which is cylinder head temp. the one in the right front of head is the CHT sensor

Where is the thermostat in a 1997 Pontiac gran prix gtp?

on the top, driver side of the engine. find the hose coming off the radiator and follow it to the engine. it is right where the hose connects.

The car GTO by Pontiac what does the GTO stand for?

Gran Turismo Omologato

Where is the power steering for 2004 Pontiac gran prix?

I Have No Idea. lol

What causes engine light to come on in 2004 Pontiac Gran Prix GTP?

usually it is a bad rear o2 sensor. only way to find out is to have someone(like autozone or advanced) rear the code.

Why does the heaterAC blower only run on 5 highest setting in your 2001 Pontiac Gran Prix sedan and how do you go about repairing it?

Had same problem in 2002 Pontiac Gran Prix. The blower motor has two parts, one for settings 1-4 and one for setting 5. This was a sensor problem, not a fuse problem. Dealer service writer was familiar with problem. Repair about $110. at dealership

What type of ENGINE oil does a 2002 Pontiac gran prix use?


Where do you add power steering fluid to 2007 Pontiac grand prix?

where to put power steering in a 2007 Pontiac gran prix