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Most GM AC's around that year mount the low pressure fitting on or near the receiver/dryer on the firewall. (it's the big silver tank that gets really cold when the AC is running right)

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Q: Where is the low pressure fiting for the ac on a 1977 corvette?
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How do you check if the low pressure switch on a corvette 1977 is working?

Of which low pressure switch are you speaking? Engine oil pressure switch? If you're checking that, remove the oil pressure sending unit and temporarily put in an oil pressure gauge. If you're checking the AC low pressure switch, pull the switch from the AC low pressure line, Jumper the switch socket and see if the AC compressor comes on. If it does, you either have low refrigerant pressure or a bad switch. If you KNOW the pressure is up and everything else works, you have a bad switch.

Where is the sensor in the air conditioner in the corvette 85?

depends on what sensor - hi pressure, low pressure? Which one are you looking for?

Why would the high beams work and the low beams not work on a 1977 corvette?

Bad bulbs?Bad Hi-low switch?

Where is the dimmer switch on 1977 Corvette?

The dimmer switch is located on the turn signal switch. Pull it toward you to switch from low to high or high to low beam lights.

Why does the low beam headlight not illuminate in your 1977 Corvette when you first turn the headlights on but does when you hit the high beams?

== == more than likely your dimmer switch is bad,hope that will help

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