Where is the neutral safety switch located for the 1992 Jeep Cherokee?

Neutral safety switch is on the passenger side of the transmission oddly enough. It is delicate and can be easily broken as it is made of bakelite material and will not take much stress. DO NOT PRY on this device when making adjustments. They cost in the range of $180 to replace. Keep in mind that this same switch is what turns on the backup lights as well as allowing the Jeep to start in Park. So if you have trouble with backup lights AND/OR the thing won't start in Park (but will in Neutral) this is the likely culprit. Here is a link to some pictures so you know what you are looking at. http://newton.tek-ed.com/jeep/thumb0001.htm And here are some generic instructions from a fellow Jeeper (thanks to Ed Kummel for the following post): "The device is on the passenger side of the transmission opposite of the shift linkage. If the underside of your Jeep is like mine, then the shaft that this device is on is gunked and corroded and difficult to remove. If you're lucky, then you won't really have to remove the device. To adjust the switch, you will need several people (at least two) Loosen the bolt at the top. The hole is slotted which will allow for ~a little~ ammount of play. Have one person in the car with their foot on the brake and the shifter in reverse (with the key on of course). Have the second person behind the car looking for the reverse light. You are under the car moving the switch through the slotted play. When the person in the back sees the reverse light, top moving the switch and tighten it down...and hopefully you're done! If this doesn't fix your problem, then you will need further work. Removing this thing is a real problem. The metal is a cheap pot metal and the plastic is bakelite. So, it will shatter with a minimal amount of force. Plus the wiring harness is wire-tied to the main harness leading up to the engine compartment! So, don't force it!"