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Where is the oil drain on a 96 softail?


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2007-10-07 15:00:10
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Look on the right side (the side where the dip stick is located) there is a hose that goes down off of the oil tank to the frame. There is a Plug in the end of this hose. Remove the hose from the clip that is holding it to the frame and remove the plug.


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where is the oil drain on a 2002 harley softtail

pull off the drain hose at the bottom of the oil tank, (same as a Softail oil drain).

Torx screw below derby cover.

The oil drain plug is located on the deepest part of the oil pan.

the right rear of the frame, look under and you will see the drain plug in there. there is a hose runing down to it from the oil tank

Under the transmission oil reservoir, across from the oil drain plug and on the braking side of the bike. (from bottom of the bike the transmission drain plug will always be on the braking side of the bike. The oil drain plug on the shifting side.)

Bottom of the engine on the oil pan.

I'm trying to change my oil on my 08 heritage softail. I located a drain plug under the bike but that doesn't seem to be it. I believe it is the transmission oil and now I have two problems. I would like to know how to add and check the transmission fluid and how and where to locate the oil drain plug. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Between the two shocks, towards rear. The oil, primary, and transmission plug are in the same general area.

the oil drain plug is located near the frame, below the oil tank where the swingarm meets the frame at the bottom of the frame on the right side. There is no engine drain location as the engine is a dry sump system meaning there is no oil stored in the engine other than residual oil.

On the bottom, side, or rear of the oil pan.

I have a 2002 softail standard. The drain plug is actually in the frame under the right side. Near the rear foot peg. It is an Allen bolt. When you remove it it has an O ring where it seats. Check to make sure it is not damaged before you replace the drain plug.

on the right side botom near front of rear swingarm (follow the tube down)

There is no engine oil drain plug, you change the oil in the oil reservoir under the seat. This motor is a dry sump system, meaning that there is no engine oil pan. The engine oil is circulated from an external oil tank via oil lines to an oil pump bolted to the engine on the right side of engine

There is a 3/8" hose off the back bottom of the oil tank. At the end of the hose there is a plug clamped on. Remove the plug over a drain pan, clamp the plug back in place when drained.

If you are talking about a Softail, it is on the front lower cross bar of the swingarm. should be a hose connected there that runs up to the back of the oil bladder, remove the Allen bolt to drain the oil. when the oil is drained pour a little clean oil into the bladder until it comes out the hose.

It is under the bike nearly in the center of the drain pan, forward of the shocks. It is an Allen head plug. It's the easiest one to find because it's in the drain pan.

How do you change oil in a 2000 heritage softail? Are there 3 plugs to remove or just two?

its under the right side of the bike by the front of the rear tire. it looks like a flat hex nut bolt.

How much fork oil goes into a harley 2002 softail forks??

at the very bottom under the skid plate

Follow the hose down from the oil filled tank (the one with the dipstick)at the bottom of the hose will be a drain plug, with a 5/8" hex drive and a 1/4" internal hex drive socket.

Remove the transmission oil pan Remove the transmission oil pan Remove the transmission oil pan

If it is the engine oil you are talking about it is on the bottom of the pan.

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