Where is the oil filer and drain plug on a 2004 Suzuki XL-7?

There are two ways to find the oil filter. 1) with the hood raised look on the right hand side of your engine you'll see your oil dip stick and then your transmission dip stick,look about a foot past your tranny stick and down and you should see your filter. 2) with the front of your truck raised get under the truck and lie with your head on the left tire (if you were sitting behind the drivers seat) look towards the engine and back where you should see some wires and you'll see it-this will give you the best angle when you have to reach up to change it. While you're under the truck if you look towards the middle of the engine underneath you'll see this big black cover that is covering your oil pan, there's a long space between the cover and your undercarrige, in the middle you'll see your drain plug.