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Where is the oil filter located on a 1997 Hyundai Accent?


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if it's anything like the location on a 1999 Accent, then it's at the front of the engine block, under the passenger side headlight. it is can be viewed from the under the car.


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Well in my 1997 accent it is located on the firewall in the engine if your engine is carburetor then it will be a plastic container

The IAT sensor on a 1997 Hyundai Accent is found in the piping for the intake system. The sensor will be plugged and mounted near the air box for the air filter.

The horn on a 1997 Hyundai accent is located behind the front bumper. It is placed on the passenger side of the vehicle behind the right headlight.

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The 1997 Hyundai Accent was equipped with the 1.5L 4-cylinder engine. The all season weight for this application is SAE 10W30 of API SL or better. It service fill with filter is 3.5-quarts.

reverse lights on a Hyundai get there supply from a switch screwwed into the top of the transmission just left of the air filter box if your looking down at it

above your rear foglight switchgear panel.. I am working on a 1997 Hyundai Accent at the moment. The connector for the OBDII is located on the left side of the dash. It is tough to see because it is facing down... recessed inside the cutout for the foglamps... at the top.

The 1997 Hyundai Accent OBD 2 port is on lower edge of dash next to kick panel

If you look below the power brake booster you will find it.However it is not easy to get to

the relay is located on the left side of the steering wheel behind the diagnostic connector it is the middle on on the top row

a certified mechanic can do this for $350

1997 Honda accord 2.2L on my 2000 Honda accord, too. Also my 2001 Hyundai Accent 1.5L 12Valve

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The fuel filter on the 1997 Silverado is located inside of the fuel tank.

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The water pump on a 1997 Hyundai Accent is replaced by first removing the timing belt and draining the coolant. The alternator needs to be properly marked and removed. Then unbolt the water pump. Clean off the old gasket and install a new gasket with the water pump.

The oil filter is on the side of the engine closest to the front of the car. there is a hole on the front skid plate to reach the filter through.

This page will tell you how to do this......good luck. http://www.maintainyourcar.co.uk/1999_hyundai_accent_window_winde.htm

In my 1997 Hyundayi Accent the relay compartment box is located behind the little stoarge compartment in the dashboard on the left side of the steering wheel. The compartment also houses the dimmer for the instrument panel. One has to remove the compartment (easy, it just snaps out), the panel is located right behind the opening.

Take the old one out and put a new one in.

Its located under the hood, look at the back side of your hood, and there is a filter located in the middle.

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