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to answer this question, first thing you need to do is look behind your motor (from top view) and dead center of block, i think its above the oil pan, i had to change one out myself and it was above the oil pan....the sensor is going to be a yellow color, and will be conected to the block it self and the other end will be connected to the wire to the oil pump.... from underneath it is behind the engine block (at the transmission end) just above the pressed steel strut. disconnect the wire by prising out the red locking tab. Use a correct oil pressure switch socket and a stubby ratchet. reassemble using Yellow Teflon tape (not the white plumbers type as this is not for oil). Mine had a crack in it which put oil onto the inboard end of the drive shaft balance weight then onto everything. caused me to change a servicable head gasket!!
Just did this to a 1996 Neon. To look behind the motor you have to remove the air intake and air cleaner then you can see down in back of the engine. Best to remove the locking tab from under the car. Once you have that off the plug has a tab that you need to lift in order to back the plug cover off. Then you can loosen the plug with the socket mentioned above. I found it easier to do this from under the car. Then you can go back under the hood and put your hand down the back of the engine remove the plug, and insert the new one by hand. I then tightended the plug with the socket from under the car. I bought the new plug from NAPA and it came with white teflon tape already attached to the plug. Hardest part of the whole job is getting the locking tab off, and lifting the tab on the plug cover to release it from the plug. Just hard to see up behind the motor if your working on your back.

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Q: Where is the oil pressure sensor in a 1998 Dodge Neon?
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