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Where is the oil pressure sensor on a 1995 240SX and where can you hook up a new oil pressure gauge?


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2006-02-10 21:34:14
2006-02-10 21:34:14

its located next to the oil filter


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where is the oil pressure sensor on a 1995 pontica grand am 2.3l

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Is a 1995 Nissian 240SX Engine compatible to 1992 Nissian 240SX?

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Remove the oil pressure sensor, connect a manual oil pressure gauge to the port & start engine.You should have 10 18 psi at idle. hope it helps, Slackers Of Va.

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The 1995 Nissan Pathfinder oil pressure sensor can be found next to the oil filter. The oil pressure sensor measures the oil pressure in the engine.

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ck oil pressure with gauge, if ok replace oil sending unit there is also a $20.00 dollars oil pressure sensor that sits underneath the engine by the oil pan area(front), this sensor can get old and display the wrong pressure in the system.

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