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its on the left side of the get to it through the wheel well..i change alot of them

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โˆ™ 2005-01-12 18:33:56
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Q: Where is the oil pressure sensor on a 2000 F150 4x4 and why would the gauge go to zero then suddenly shoot back up to normal range?
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Why is the oil gauge in your 1991 Pontiac le sunbird always at its peek?

Check with manual gauge - if pressure normal - could be defevtive oil pressure sensor or gauge

What is the difference between normal pressure gauge and differential pressure gauge?

A pressure gauge indicates actual pressure and a differential pressure gauge indicates the difference in pressure.

Do you need a fuel tank pressure sensor for gas gauge to work?

The fuel tank pressure sensor is for the EVAP system. It has nothing to do with the fuel gauge sending unit.

What is the normal gauge pressure for a 30' round above ground pool?


Can you replace stock oil pressure sensor on 97 Saturn with oil pressure gage for poundage info?

The stock oil pressure sensor on a 97 Saturn can be replaced with an oil pressure gauge for poundage info by first unscrewing the existing sensor. The new sensor can then be screwed into place and wiring ran to a suitable pressure gauge.

How do you tell if oil pump Is bad or is it the sensor?

You can pressure test with a gauge using sensor location

Oil pressure gauge not working?

replace oil sensor unit

Purpose of an oil pressure sensor?

The oil pressure sensor sends a reading to the gauge so you can moniter the engine's oil pressure. No oil pressure means the engine is in big trouble.

How does an oil pressure gauge works?

Most oil pressure gauges operate by a varying voltage. The oil pressure changes the resistance in the oil sensor, causing the gauge to change readings.

Low oil but your oil pressure gauge indicates normal pressure?

Oil level and oil pressure are different. You don't need to have full oil to get normal pressure.

Oil pressure gauge in dash works some time and then dont a beep sounds?

It will be a oil pressure sensor

Why does your oil pressure gauge remain maxed when run?

Either the gauge or the gauge's sensor is broke. Has the oil & filter been changed in the vehicle lately?

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