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Where is the petcock to bleed the radiator on a 1995 Ford Aerostar van?


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2004-06-02 11:34:39
2004-06-02 11:34:39

At the BOTTOM of the radiator on the drivers side. OR just take the bottom hose off at the radiator.


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Should be at the bottom or rear of the radiator or remove the lower radiator hose

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The petcock should be along the bottom edge of the radiator facing the engine. It is probably close to the bottom hose connector.

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I'm not sure of just the radiator capacity, but the total coolant capacity is 11.8 quarts for 1995 3.0.

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The 1995 four runner radiator drain plug is at the passenger side of the radiator at the bottom. It is a petcock, so you only need to loosen it until the coolant starts to flow.

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