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Where is the quad driver located on a Saturn SL1?


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2006-12-31 14:51:46
2006-12-31 14:51:46

The "quad driver" is built into the EMC/PCM (computer). Its NOT replaceable - the only way would be to replace the PCM. They are pretty hearty though - and I doubt you have a bad QDM. I would say the EGR solenoid would be a better choice of things that are bad. Eric


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The starter on a 2001 Saturn SL1 is located on the driver's side of the engine. It is just to the left and in front of the alternator/generator.

The thermostat on a 1995 Saturn SL1 is located on top of the motor. The largest hose coming off the radiator will have to be loosened to access the thermostat housing on the motor.

in the middle of the driver an passenger seats below the console

It is located inside of the gas tank.

It is connected to, and a part of the starter.

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Under tha car at the r/r of the engine.

In the alternator Needs new Alternator if it's bad

On the rear of the engine closes to the fire wall. Its cylindrical shaped.

exact fit fir the sohc engine is 93 or 94 only

Drivers side of the engine compartment (under the hood...) Eric

on the back side of the block(the firewall side under the intake

Inside the transmission, just above the transmission oil pan.

The speed sensor on a 1999 Saturn SL1 is under the transmission. It is below the fittings for the transmission cooler lines.

The starter for a 1999 Saturn is on top of the transmission under the air filter box. Remove the filter box for easy access.

under the master brake cynider, drivers side, rear of engine

they are located behind radiator and intake muffler. there are a couple of bolts and they come out in sets of 2

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The oil pressure sending unit is located on the back of the block. it is the sensor located closest to the alternator.

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