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Where is the rad fan relay and the heat sensor for a 96 transport?


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2007-12-10 04:17:45
2007-12-10 04:17:45

This may not be that helpful, but on the 1999, there are two relays and they are both in the fuse relay compartment under the hood, on the passenger on side above the battery.

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My car did the exact ame thing, my fan sensor relay (plugs on the motor) came unplugged. Plugged it back up and it still overheated. I went to the part store and bought an new fan sensor relay switch. (around $15-$18) I also replaced the other fan relay sensor. Finally I bought a failsafe thermostat for the car. I have not have a problem. The fan kicks on normally now.

Yep. Had the same problem on my 86. Changed the fan,sensor and relay.If you jumper the outer terminals on the relay connection you can tell if the fan works. If it does fine but the signal to 'throw' the relay from the ecm isn't working.Check with a test light for this signal.If ok replace relay.

There is a temperature sensor in the motor. When it gets hot enough it completes a circuit and causes a relay to close and turns the fan on. There is power to the fan all the time, the sensor and relay supply the ground for the fan Engine cools down, the sensor opens and shuts the fan off.

The engine computer uses the signal from the coolant temperature sensor to decide when to activate the radiator fan relay.

The fan sensor is bad or the fan relay is stuck. Swapping out the relay is the most likely fix.

heat sensor with fan cooling it will be used for cpu . it will be cool thing the mother board it will be reduce cpu temperature.........

There is no cooling fan sensor, ECM is turning the fan on and off. Between the ECM and fan there is a relay, located in front of the car on the left side behind the left headlight,it's the fourth relay from the inside out.

The coolant temperature switch and the cooling fan relay (same thing) is usually located in the water outlet housing. It will be the bigger sensor, the smaller is the temperature gauge sensor.

By running a ground wire-(jumper) across the terminals on the fan motor relay. Find the terminals that connect to the relay's switch, and short them out like the relay would do. Doing this will burn the electric fan motor out very quickly. Your best bet is to replace the relay and possibly the coolant temperature sensor. The sensor is about $16 and the relay about $14 and the fan motor about $38-$50 at Autozone.

The fan relay will be located in the PDB box in the engine compartment. The relay is controlled by the coolant temp sensor and the computer. Hope this helps.

The heat relay needs to be activated by a vaccum switch. On my van the fix was to replace the vaccum line to the relay which allowed the relay to allow heat to travel to the blower.

The relay is not the same as the sensor. The relay is located next to the battery on the inner fender. It will have 4 or 5 wires running to it and will be bolted to the inner fender with one 10mm screw. It's a small black "box".

The fan relay is in the relay box next to the battery...it says fan relay on it.

check temp sensor, it located where the thermostat is, or the fan relay (its in the black box under the hood with all the fuses in it). To check unplug the sensor, it's on the thermostat cover, if the fan turns on the relay is good. If it doesn't come on change the relay.

Depending on the engine, check coolant relay and temp sensor that triggers that relay

Check the fuse that controls the Fan first. If that's ok, then check the connections to the fan assembly.

It is hardwired to your battery and not the sensor. could be a bad relay for fan, If it runs when its not supposed to, check to see if the fan relay is stuck in the closed position. have a good one !!

in the fuse compartment under your hood.

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