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the jack position i would assume if no frame would be on the sides where the unibody meets in front of the rear wheel but i am almost certain there is a frame

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โˆ™ 2005-08-31 21:34:58
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Q: Where is the rear jacking point for a 1992 GMC Safari van?
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Were is the starter for your 95 gm safari truck?

On my 95 Safari van, the starter is on the bottom rear end of the motor, on the passenger side. Can easily see it without jacking it up.

Where is the best place to put jack stands when lifting the rear of a 1992 Dodge Caravan?

in front of the rear wheels on the frame are two rubber pads for jacking purposes

Where are the rear floor jacking points on a 1994 Toyota Pickup?

jack up on the rear axle or on the ubolt plate

Where are the jacking points on a 1966 beetle?

The jack point is underneith the running board between the rear wheel and door. But I would recommend getting a good screw type axle jack and jacking under the lower shock mount on any wheel. puts less stress on the body .

How do you replace the rear dutch door latch on a 1997 gmc safari?

= How do you replace the rear dutch door latch on a 1997 gmc safari?" =

Where are the jacking points on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

front or either side of front of vehicle - position floor jack under front frame lift points rear or either side of rear of vehicle - position jack under the pinch point notches

Where are the rear speakers 1992 blazer?

in the rear door panel

When was Rear Enz created?

Rear Enz was created in 1992.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rear Ended - 1992?

The cast of Rear Ended - 1992 includes: Angela Faith

Rear air blower has stopped blowing Where is the rear air blower motor located 1996 Safari?

Ours did this and the on/off switch was bad.

How do you replace right rear axle seal on 1992 Buick roadmaster?

buick roadmaster 1992 rear axle does it have limited slip diff

What jacking points can be used with a floor jack on a 2003 Dodge Neon?

You can put the jack under the shock towers on the front, or the cross brace on the rear.

How do you remove the rear bumper 1992 300e?

The 1992 Mercedes-Benz 300 rear bumper is held in place with eight retaining bolts. You can remove the rear bumper by removing the retaining bolts.

Is the 1992 Buick Roadmaster front or rear wheel drive?

rear wheel drive

How do you get my rear hatch to open on a 2002 GMC Safari?

Remove the plastic molding covering the inside of the rear hatch. The hole located at the bottom of the hatch (long slot) is where you'll need to insert a flat blade screw driver. There is a pivot point that connects both latches through rods (left and right) on the rear hatch. Cause the pivot point to pivot using the flat blade screw driver and push the hatch outward. The rear hatch should now be open.

How to change 1996 Geo Metro rear brakes?

The rear brakes on a 1996 Geo Metro are changed by jacking the rear end up, placing it on jack stands, and removing the wheels. The calipers can then be removed, the old brake pads removed, and new pads installed.

Why does your 1992 Corvette convertible not have a third brake light or Corvette lettering on rear bumper?

Sounds like it may have been replaced at one point with an inferior piece.

Where are the jack points for a Porsche 944?

The jacking points for the 944 are under the sill. if you look at the sill closely you will see a diamond shape pointing out where the jack should sit. be sure to use this point as you could buckle the floor or worse, put the jack right through the floor! it's the one point if you want the front or rear wheels jacked up.

Where are the jacking points on a c5 Corvette?

They are in the same place as they are in the C4 and C6, right behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels. Go on over to and check it out!

Remove tire from Mitsubishi endeavor?

I'm assuming you mean any tire other than the spare, which is self-explanatory. A 21 millimeter socket is required for loosening the lug nuts, then find the jacking reinforcement on either side frame rail located in line with the rear half of the front doors. This is a good balance point for the jack. Don't be alarmed if both front and rear wheels clear the ground, it's normal. Makes it great for DIY tire rotations. There are other reinforced areas of the frame rails in the front and rear that you can use also, just avoid jacking under soft spots like the bumpers or rocker panels etc.

Why are jacking points of a vehicle important?

The jacking points are the metal ribs specifically designed to safely lift the vehicle. On most vehicles, there are four jacking points. They're located under the car's rocker panels, just behind the front wheels, and just ahead of the rear wheels. You can check the car manual to find jacking points. If your Car feels a problem you must side your way to a safe position. Stop the car aside. Jack is used to lifting the vehicle up.

1992 paseo has front struts and rear shocks?

The Paseo uses struts in the front as well as the rear.

What kind of brake system is in a 1992 ranger?

Hydraulic , front disc , rear drum , with rear ABS

Is a 1992 Lincoln town car front wheel or rear wheel drive?

It is rear wheel drive.

Will the rear end of a 1992 Roadmaster or a 1992 Caprice fit a 1994 Chevy Caprice?

Yes, it will fit.