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Where is the relay center on a 1989 Camaro RS?


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2004-09-28 17:56:09
2004-09-28 17:56:09

Relay center is on the driver side under the dashboard just above the gas pedal and surrounded by a metal bracket. If you turn on the turn signal blinker or the emergency blinker, you will hear it. This is the relay center location.


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I found mine (92) RS under the center console.

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There is no reset button. There is a relay in the relay center. I found my relay in 1993 under the dash by the glove compartment. Ther was no relay for fuel in the relay compartment under the hood. on an 89 rs you will need to pop the hood, just right of the master cylinder/brake booster the is a black box, the fuel pump relay is hidden behind it. mounted to the firewall.

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That year did not have a crank sensor.

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I believe the horsepower of the rs is between 205 and 240 horse!!

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The horsepower of a 1989 camaro Rs is 173 horsepower. WRONG. The number 173 refers to the cubic inches of the 2.8L engine. The rating of that engine is 135 HP stock.

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