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Where is the reset button for the service engine soon light on a 2000 Ford F150?


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2015-07-17 17:52:01
2015-07-17 17:52:01

First, make sure your gas cap is tight. It might take 20 mins of driving after tightening for the light to go out. Check the gasket on it too to make sure it doesn't leak air. Replace if there is any doubt.

A service engine light means you have a problem that needs repairing. If you have already checked out the problems and corrected them, disconnect the negative cable from your battery for 1 minute. If the light comes back on after reconnecting the battery, you still have an unresolved engine problem.

additional info : there is no "reset button". The trucks computer monitors various systems and if it senses a problem it turns on the light. The computer also stores codes that can be read and interpreted giving you a hint as to what the problem is. When the problem is fixed the computer should show no issues and the light will not light up. If you have a truck with a digital tripmeter/odometer on the dash you can access all the engine codes by pushing the reset button while you start the engine. After the engine starts continue pushing the reset button to display things such as a digital tachometer, water temp etc etc. This is there because the computer is generic to all trucks but not all trucks have the fancy option package of showing this info on a separate screen. What you are seeing is what the dealer would see with his diagnostic computer. It is all alpha numeric and makes no sense but you can find explanations to all this on several websites dealing specifically with ford trucks. Its out there on the web, you just have to dig. Good luck.


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There is no reset button for the check engine light. You can have Mitz. do it for $$$ or you can remove the negative battery line for a few seconds and replace. That will reset the check engin light.

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You can reset your engine service light by holding in the scroll button. Hold the button in until the engine oil life goes to 100 percent. The engine service light will go off.

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There is no reset button for the check engine light. It must be reset with an OBD scan tool.

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A reset Engine Service Light comes on when an issue comes up with in the engine. This light can be reset by a tech or by fixing the problem.

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