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I just replaced the sensor on my 1998 Saturn SL2.. The temperature sensor/switch is inline with the spark plugs on the drivers side on the engine block and has 2 wires coming from it to the wiring harness. It takes a 13mm deep well socket to remove the sensor. The wires just unplug from the sensor by using a screwdriver to raise the tabs off. simple.

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Q: Where is the sensor that sends the signal to the cooling fan to make it turn on for a 1993 Saturn SC2 coupe?
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Where is the sensor for the cooling fan on a 1992 Saturn SC coupe?

The sensor is located under the upper rad hose Directly below the hose is a sensor with 1 wire to it That is for the gauge Just behind and down from that is a sensor with 2 wires This is the fan sensor

What makes the electric fan turn on on a 1999 Saturn sc 2 coupe?

The computer with input from the engine coolant temperature sensor.

What would cause rpm to race then slow while at idle in park on a 1998 Saturn SL 2 coupe?

your airflow is uneven check the airflow sensor wire/ sensor

Can you use body parts of a 94 Saturn coupe on a 91 Saturn coupe?

Almost all body parts from a 94 will fit on a 91.

Where is the relay for the turn signal hazard for a 95 Saturn sc sport coupe?

Front seating area, center, under dash, front of console, mounted in junction block.

Where is the speed sensor for a 1999 Saturn S-Series 3 Dr SC2 Coupe The parts is online for 21 bucks and you want to change it out yourself?

Sensor is at the back of the transmission on the top. Purple and yellow wires going to it. 15/16 wrench to get it out

Can you change a window motor for a 1997 Saturn coupe?


Will a fender from a 99 Saturn wagon fit a 99 Saturn coupe?

Yes, the front ends should be identical.

Where is the o2 sensor in a 98 Saturn SC 2 Coupe?

there are 2 sensors 1 is in the exhaust manifold at the very front with 1 wire coming out of it and one behind the catalytic converter with 4 wires

Is a 2000 Saturn SC1 a sports car?

Yes. The sc1 is a coupe.

Where is the radiator cap on the 1997 Saturn SC2 coupe located?

The cooling systems is a closed system with the resiviour part of that system. Coolant is added to the resiviour cap. This is different from other cars as the resiviour is not usually pressurized. In the s-series it is.

Starting problems Megan coupe?

Check for a spark, if no spark check to see if the coil has a switching signal, if no switching signal check the crank sensor and associated wiring. If there is a spark, it's a fuel problem, check for live to injectors and an injector switching signal, if that's allright check power to the fuel pump and fuel pump amps draw.

Where is the distributor in my 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8L coupe located?

buddy: this kind of cars/engine use a cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor that mean the computer send the signal for the spark. and don't use an rotor/ cap, coil and you can not fix the timing. i hope this help.

Where is the horn located on a 1996 Saturn coupe?

It is on the driver side, behind headlight.

Wear is TDC sensor on Renault magane?

renault magene coupe..2ltr sensor 8200156362

What type of motor oil needed for a 1997 Saturn coupe?

The 1997 Saturn Coupe was built in two engine options, a 1.9L SOHC, and 1.9L DOHC. API 0W30 and 5W30 are the best recommended viscosities for these engines. Additionally, 10W30s can be used.

Is there a recall for the camshaft position sensor in a 1999 Chrysler Sebring coupe?


What is the body style of the Saturn Sky?

The Saturn Sky has a roasster coupe body style. It looks a little like a mixture between a Porsche and a Lamborghini.

Is a Saturn a sports car?

That depends on the model. Saturn made the SC, which was the "sports coupe", could be considered a sports car; and the Sky was definitely a sports car.

What size speakers come standard on a 1997 Saturn Coupe?

6.5" with an oddball mounting pattern.

How long does it take to replace a clucth on a 2002 Saturn sc coupe?

if you know what you are doing, a day.

Where is the map sensor on a 1976 Seville coupe?

In the ECM under center of dash.

Does a Hyundai coupe 1998 have oil sensor?

Depends what you mean by an oil sensor. It almost certainly has an oil pressure sensor, yes. Likely located by the top half of the engine.

Where is a IAT sensor at on a 1991 mustang gt 5.0?

where is the intake air charge temp. sensor on a 1991 ford 5.0 coupe mustang

How do you reset the diagnostics on a 1999 Saturn coupe?

The codes have to be removed with a scanner. Go to Auto Zone and they will do it for free.