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Where is the starter located on a 93 Pontiac Sunbird 2L engine?


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2004-06-25 21:17:41
2004-06-25 21:17:41

The starter for your vehicle is located between the rear firewall of your engine compartment and the intake side of your engine. It rest directly under your intake manifold and is held on by 2 bolts. It is very hard to see, and not too easily removed. It is definitely not for a novice grease monkey to undertake. Good Luck


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What year? What year? What engine?

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Crank sensors are always located on the camshafts. The 1989 Pontiac Sunbird crank sensor is located on the head of the engine towards to end of the camshaft.

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You can find the starter at the lower front part of the engine. You can change starter easily any time it has a fault.

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lokks to be on the lower right side of engine

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