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Starter is located toward front of car towards left bolted to transmission

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Q: Where is the starter located on a 97 Mitsubishi 3000 GT?
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Where is the knock sensor located on a Mitsubishi eclipse 97?

where is located theknock sensor 97 mitssubishi eclipse

Where is the starter located on a 97 buick regal?

The starter for a 97 Regal will be located on the side of the engine for most motor sizes. It is close to the rear of the engine near the bellhousing.

Where is the starter on kawasaki 1500?

Were is located the starter in a kawasaki 1500cc year 97

Where is the starter located on a 97 Ford e-150?

The starter on a 97 Ford E-150 is located on the bottom of the engine. It bolts securely to the block and is fed directly by the battery.

Where is the starter solenoid on 97 ford ranger?

it is located on the side of the stater it will come when you remove the starter

Where is the cabin filter on 97 Mitsubishi montero sport located?

There is no filter in this model car.

Where is a starter on 97 Plymouth Breeze located?

Between engine and radiator,about in middle.

Where is the starter on a 97 F150 4.2 V6?

The starter on a 97 Ford F150 4.2 V6 is located on the bottom, left side of the engine. It is bolted directly to the engine's block and receives power from the battery.

Where is a 97 Hyundai Tiburon starter is located?

located on the back side of the engine as you look at it and is accessable the easiest fron underneath

Where is the starter cylinoid 97 Ford Escort?

Where's the starter cylinder on my 97 escort

Where is the starter located on 97 dodge grand caravan?

On the front of the engine, at oil pan height

How do you change a timing belt on 97 Mitsubishi mirage?

what steps do i take to change a timing belt for a '97 mitsubishi mirage

Where is the TCM in a 97 Mitsubishi 3000gt?

The TCM is located behind the center console (same as eclipse, lazer talon).

Where is the crank sensor located on a 97 Pontiac sunfire?

on the 2.4 its to the left of the starter above the oil filter

Where is the fuel filter located on a 97 Mitsubishi montero sport?

is located down the car in the middle of the chassis near the differential between the front and rear doors.

How do you change a starter solenoid on a 97 Chevy s-10?

Should be located on the top of the starter Remove starterRemove 2 screws on sideTwist to remove (spring loaded)

Where is the starter located on a 97 Pontiac Firebird?

passengers side of the engine towards the the bottom it mounts to the transmission bellhousing

Where is the starter relay on a 97 s10?

Your vehicle has a starter solenoid which is piggy back on the starter.

What can be the cause of power locks on your 97 Mitsubishi Galant not to unlock but it lock?

the door lock actuator is bad. it is located in the drivers door panel

Where are the starter mounting bolts located on a 97 neon I have the car manual and there is no pictures nor does it say where they are located only says to remove them Helps to know where they are?

If I remember correctly, there are two of them on the right side of the starter. They are pretty long. I may be wrong though.

Where is the starter located on a 1997 Cadillac Deville?

29s here, i work for an automotive company a recently we had a 94 or 95 caddy deville with the north star engine in for a starter replacement. the starter was located in the center of the motor! the engine is a v-shape (v8) with the intake cover acting as a lid overtop of the motor with the starter smack in the center. you would have to remove the intake in order to even see the starter if you have the same motor types. That is exactly how to remove it on a 97, i have one and the starter is located under the intake.

Where is the starter relay on a 97 ford escort lx?

A 97 lx doesn't have a starter relay. The relay is built into the solenoid of the starter motor itself. It uses light voltage to transfer the power from the main cable to the starter motor itself.

How do you align timing marks on 1.8 Mitsubishi mirage?

how do you align timing mark on 97 1.8 Mitsubishi mirage

In a 97 Mazda 626 after the air box is off where can you find the starter?

The starter is located at top of transaxle housing on left side (driver's side) of engine. Just follow the POSITIVE battery cable down, right to its connection on the starter motor.

Where is the starter located on a 97 v6 camaro?

Try rear of engine either driver's or passenger side bottom--follow + battery cable