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If your car has a distributor it is the negative on the coil.

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Q: Where is the tach signal wire on a 1998 Crown Victoria?
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How do you install a tachometer on a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria?

pin 48 on the pcm connecter is tach signal connect to your green wire from tach

How do you install a tachometer on a 1986 Ford Crown Victoria LTD Station Wagon?

Instructions should come with the tach. Otherwise, contact the tach manufacturer.

Can you install a tachometer in a crown Victoria?

yes google crown vic tach install and click on drock96grandmarquis he has done a detailed write up that will help you

How do you install a tach in the 2001 crown Victoria interceptor?

I havent found the location yet but im currently looking into it, but you have to find the tach lead, I know the lead exists but i cant find it yet

Where is the tach signal connector in 1999 Frontier?

Tach signal? To install a Tachometer? I did it 2 days ago! finnaly got a Tach on my 1998 Nissan Frontier By concept 1 4 cylinder 2.4 right?....Yep if you would still light to know Email me at or myspace is peace!

Does anyone know where the green wire on a tach has to be wired into on a 95 crown Victoria thanks?

Green is usually trigger which should go to the negative side of the coil.

Where is turn signal flasher on 1998 western star?

there is a silver box behind the tach and speedometer that controls the flashers it is the brain of all electrical

Which wire do you hook up an aftermarket tach to get a tach signal on a 94 gmc sonoma 2.2 liter?

green wire on aftermarket tachs are the signal wire i belive

Tach signal wire location on a 2003 grand am 3.4L?

Tach signal wire is located at the PCM near the connector. Use the manual should there be need for help in locating it.

Where is the the tach signal wire on a 2000 Honda civic?

tach signal wire is a blue wire with a black cap that ends on the top of the strut tower near the firewall...done

Why does your tach work but not your speedometer on a 92 Jeep Wrangler?

Tach is driven by a motor signal, speedo is from the trans the sensor is bad on the transmission

Where to connect a aftermarket tachometer on a 96 cavalier Z22 don't know where to connect the tach signal lead?

The instructions will come with the new tach.

How does a diesel engine pickup a tach signal?

From a crankshaft speed/position sensor.

How can you locate the tach wire on a 2001 F-150 for a remote starter?

You should be able to use the power side of Injector #1 for the tach signal

Witch coil wire controls the tach?

are you talking about a sm. block hei. dist. if so there are 2 spade connectors on the side of the cap , one says tach. The tach signal comes from the negative side of the coil.

What color s the tach wire on a 1978 Pontiac trans am?

At the dist there should be one to power the dist. & one for tach signal. Unplug one & see if car starts or if tach still works. Can't really remember for sure as its been a while lol. My 1972 tach wire is brown and it has a inline fuse from the factory. Your tach wire will be connected to the negative side of your terminal witch is labeled "tach".

What do you do when the tach signal is not strong enough to signal your remote starter?

Remote starters can use the AC signal from the alternator as an alternate signal which is not produced until the engine is running. On most cars if you access the PROPER wire for the tach it almost always is strong enough. Double check your wiring diagrams and make sure you are accessing the correct wire from the coil pak or ignition coils.

How do you install a tach in a 92 Honda civic?

a factory cluster with a tach will work if installed w/o any other work. and aftermarket tach needs the signal wire from the distributor. look for a blue wire comming from the harness to the right of the master cylinder area. also near the hood prop. tap that wire for signal, then run your wires for power, ground, and illumination.

Your 1992 Saturn's odometer trip odometer and tach have stopped operating Are they related to the speed sensor?

not directly... The tach gets its signal from the crankshaft sensor. the signal is processed by the computer where it determains spark timing, fuel ratio and other things. information is relayed via wires to the back of your insterment pannel, and are converted into readable units on your tach. Same with the odometer, it gets its signal from the computer via speed sensor. being you lost both functions on your pannel, i would suspect a faulty cluster.

How do you get at the tach sense wire in a 1999 caravan so you can finish installing a remote starter?

Your Tach Signal wire is Gray and Dark Blue (Gray/Dark Blue). Same wire, marked with both colors. This means the wire is GRAY with a dark blue line through it. It is located at the Coil pack on top of valve cover. --- This wire above is a 2 Cylinder Signal. 3.0L Tach Wire is GRAY/RED at Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 3.3L & 3.8L Tach Wire is GRAY/RED, DARK BLUE/TAN And RED/YELLOW at PCM. (Each wire is a 2 cylinder signal.)

Where is Tach wire from PCM to dashboard on Cherokee sport 2000?

The tach signal to the cluster is not on a dedicated wire. It comes over the CCD data bus. Which is a pair of wires that the computers on this vehicle use to transmit messages and information.

How do you install a tach on a 96 Eclipse?

steal signal from the white wire w/ black sripe on the bottom plug of ecu.

How do you install sunpro tach on 95 eclipse gs?

MSD had a module a few years back that would convert a tach signal. Not sure hear da rumor about using a wire off the obdii port, but never seen anyone with a mitsu do it and work. Have seen the MSD tach adapter work superbly.

How do you connect a tach on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier?

Connect the green wire to the brown striped black wire.

Where on the coil pack do you tap into to hook up a tach on a 95 2.2 cav if it doesnt already have a stock tach?

there is a white almost tanish looking solid color wire on the group of wires that plug into the guage cluster use a quick connect to connect the signal wire from the tach to the white wire on the guage cluster