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Where is the thermostat located and how do you replace it on a 1994 V6 Camry?

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2010-10-25 22:07:52

In almost every vehicle, the water thermostat is in a small pipe

junction leading from the radiator with an casing called a

thermostat housing. This junction may have several pipes or hoses

leading from it. The casing may have a few bolts around it, which

when removed carefully will reveal the thermostat which sits in a

small recess loosely once the casing is removed. On some vehicles,

the thermostat clips into place.

Take out and replace the thermostat and possibly replace the

gasket the housing case had between it and the base if it was

broken or worn with a small application of a gasket sealer

compound. Return the casing and tighten the bolts up to hand tight,

followed by a firm, but not overly tight quarter turn. If the

casing does not seem to fit properly, make sure the thermostat is

sitting in the recess correctly, the right way up and the casing

fits over the top completely. Don't attempt to cut away any of the

sealer compound if it has oozed out and dried, it may rupture the

gasket or create a hairline leak. Instead, gently wipe away any

excess sealer while it is still moist.

Replace any lost water in the radiator before attempting to run

the engine. After you start the car, keep an eye on the thermostat

housing for a few minutes and make sure there are no water leaks.

Also, watch the temperature of the vehicles cooling system to make

sure the thermostat was installed correctly. If overheating occurs,

there may be a problem with the thermostat. The vehicle should be

okay to drive immediately, but after a short drive, pop the hood

and give the housing another look to make sure.

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