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Where is the thermostat located on a 1996 Mazda Millenia?


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It should be within the water outlet which is attached to the lower end of the top radiator hose. Mark If the 96 millennia has a 2.3 engine, the thermostat is in the bottom radiator hose at the housing on the block.


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open da hood. see the coolant resevoir? under that is the lower radiator hose. follow it to where it goes into the engine, and under that flange is the thermostat

it is located onder the car.

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You can find an exploded view of the 1996 Mazda Millenia 2.5 liter engine at most Mazda dealerships. You can also find the exploded view in most Mazda service manuals.

The thermostat is located as you face the front of the car to the right just beneath the motor and to the left bottom of the air filter. If you cannot find it, face the front of the car and find the right radiator hose that goes into the motor. If you need further help on any issues with your Mazda e-mail me

Hi'I also have a 1996 Millenia, just changed my out. At front of your engine 2.5 just over your oil filter, you have to unplugg the pressure switch wire befre you can get the socket on it.

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It's attached to the back of the intake manifold, under the bracket that supports the wiring harness.

It is a nonservicable part, just replace it.

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is this a trick question? of the hundreds of millenia s' i have seen, not one of them have a distributor.

on my 1997 Mazda 626, it's located on the left hand side bottom of the engine where the bottom radiator hose goes to the engine. hope this helps you.

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The thermostat is usually located on the lower hose, where it attaches to the radiator

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The thermostat is located inside of the thermostat housing on the front of the engine. You can follow the top radiator hose to the thermostat housing.

It is located at the engine at the upper rad hose, When you replace it, make sure the spring goes toward the engine.

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the thermostat is on the lower radiator hose next to block. the thermostat is all one piece when you buy it at the store. it has 2 bolts.

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pretty easy, a couple bolts...libraries have shop manuals you can read and copy sections out of...:)

Right side of the engine comp. at the front of the engine by the belts yellow dipstick

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