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Where is the town of Forks?

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Forks, Washington

Fork, Maryland

Fork, South Carolina

2008-05-16 04:31:00
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Q: Where is the town of Forks?
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What is Twilight in Forks?

it is a DVD about the town of forks and fans, Stephine Meyer, but mainly the town of forks.

Does the town Forks in Washington really exist?

Yes, Forks is a real town in Washington State.

Where is Forks?

Forks is a small town in Washington.NOT Washington D.C.

Is Forks Washington a real town?

Yes Forks,Wa is real

What is the DVD twilight in forks?

It's a documentary on the real town of forks.

What town did Bella arrive at?

Forks in Washington i think. Forks, Washington

What is the population in the town of forks?


Is Forks a town in Washington?

Yes, Forks is a real town in Washington State in the USA. It is the main town within the Twilight books, but does exist in the North-West of Washington.

What is a description of the town of Forks in Twilight?

I live near Forks and it is a very small town in Washington! Usually it is very cold there and there are not many stores!

What is the name of the town Bella had to move to?


In twilight how is forks different from Phoenix?

Forks is a much smaller town plus Phoenix is always sunny whereas Forks is always rainy

Which town does Bella and Edward live in?

Bella and Edward live in the town of Forks

Where is the Twilight movie supposed to take place?

Both the books and the movies mainly take place in the town of Forks, Washington. Forks, Washington is a real town.

Is forks a real town?

yes. my grandpa lived in minnesota that's where it is. There is a real Forks, Washingtion also

1In which rainy town is Twilight set?

Twilight is set in Forks, Washington. Although Forks is a real place, the movie Twilight is not actually shot in the town of Forks. Furthermore, Stephanie Meyer had never visited Forks, Washington before writing her novel. She simply googled it.

What job does Bella's father have?

he is the town sherriff of Forks

Where town is Bella Swan from?

I'm from Forks, WA.

What town does Edward and his family abandon?

Forks, Washington

What town did Bella's dad live in?

Forks, Washington

Does the town Forks from the book Twilight really exist?

Yes, the town Forks from Twilight really exists. Just check out the city's website under the related links.

Where is the town that Bella lives in now?

forks.Im improving this answer because you are right but she does live in forks but i am being precise i think you will find that it is : forks, Washington x

Is port angeles a town?

Yes, Port Angeles is a town in the state of Washington, north of Forks.

What town in Washington gets the most amount of rain?


Is forks the most rainiest town in the Washington state?


What state did twilight take place in?

Washington. In the town of Forks.