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Where is the trans dip stick for a 1999 Daewoo Lanos auto trans?

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2015-07-17 17:44:32
2015-07-17 17:44:32

Went to change transmission oil on my Lanos 2001. The shop told me there is no way they can access it, as there is NO transmission oil dip stick- the transmission is sealed, and can be only serviced by a dealer.

My question would be: do you need at some point go to the dealer and change the transmission oil ? At what intervals? Got this beauty at 24 k miles, now have 35 k, so I thought it may be time ...

that's very intresting... I have 2000 Lanos. I have trouble looking for transmission dipstick too. //////////i have a 2000 lanos hb and my manuel says that under normal driving conditions you dont have to do anything but your dealer could check it when serviced......

I just finished changing the oil on a 2000 lanos automatic transaxel as they call it!

you will need to do this at 50k miles and it is no day at the picnic the car must be elevated atleast 16 inches from the floar and let me stress on safety!!! get a good jack or stand it on cinderblocks or beter yet mecanics tower.

Buy the kit with the trans fluid filter and gasket seal, replacement filter fits like a charm but the ruber seal is a drag to install and the mess when you open the trans is considerable it take 12 liters of fluid and with no drain point... you get the point.

I also recomend yo remove the radiator fan and replace 2 3/8'' hoses that go to the radiator from the trans for the kinda start leaking at 25k miles ans are easier to replace when the fan is out.

Last but not least, you should wash the engein before you start, degreser ans a good scrub will aid you in not contaminating the trans with engein oil or grease or even sand or dust.

there is a magnet on the botom pan, that should be wiped down clean with an old dry rag.

you guys.

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