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the right kick panel

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Q: Where is the transmission computer located on a 93 infiniti j30?
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Is the transmission from a 93 Infiniti j30 and a 96 Infiniti j30 interchangeable?

Yes you should be able to.

How many quarts of transmission fluid goes into an 93 infiniti j30?

how many quarts of transmission fluid goes into an 93 infiniti j30

What is a transmission computer infiniti j30?

The transmission computer is an important part of all automatic vehicles. It controls the gear changes without the driver having to manually do it themselves.

Where is the power steering module or computer located on a 1994 Infiniti j30?

drivers side kick panel.

Where is Infiniti J30 engine number located?

its usually to the underside of your hood.

Where is the knock sensor located in a 1994 j30 infiniti?

Under the intake manifold!

Where is the transmission fluid on the j30 Infiniti?

Most of the transmission fluid is in the transmission and torque converter. The rest of it in enroute to and from the radiator. You can check the level with the dipstick located on the passenger side of the engine block toward the rear. Happy hunting. Steven

Where is the power steering fluid reservoir located on a 1997 Infiniti I30?

where the power steering fluid reservoir located on 98' infiniti j30????????? thank you nick

Where do you put transmission fluid in infiniti j30 1997?

same place you pull the dipstick have to use a funnel

How do you replace the alternator belt on an infiniti J30?

Is the timing belt on a j30 infinity run the alternator

How do you put on a fuel filter for a 1994 infiniti J30 car?

How do you change the fuel filiter on an 97 J30 infiniti and how do i know that i need to change it?

Where is the power steering reservoir on a 1998 Infiniti J30?

I believe that there is no 1998 J30, however, the reservoir is located on the 1997 J30 just behind and to the inside of the battery. At least I hope that is the reservoir, as i just put fluid in it!

Do the infiniti j30 have a CD player?


Are the struts on a infiniti j30 cartridges?


Where is the fuse for the instrument cluster located for infiniti j30?

next to the parking brake pedal on the driver side

Where is the infiniti j30 headlamp relay located?

Upper left hand side underhood to the right of the master cylinder.

How do you replace window motor on Infiniti J30?

video on how to replace window lift motor on j30

How many volts is a battery for a 1995 infinity J30?

The battery for an 95 Infiniti J30 is 12 Volts.

Is it possible to take your 1997 Infiniti J30t and change the transmission to manual?

yes you just have to get a manual tranny from a 300zx because they did not make manuals for the j30

How do you remove an antenna from an Infiniti J30?


Can my key for my Infiniti J30 disable the car alarm?


How do you unlock stuck doors on a infiniti j30 1998?

I think the answer is you buy another car, the J30 stopped production in 1997.

How many quarts of transmission fluid goes into an 94 infinity j30?

Fluid Capacity on a J30 transmission is 8.75qt (US)

Can you put a 94-97 infiniti j30 engine into a 1990 300zx na without any modification to the transmission housing or the engine?

Hi, yes we are in the middle of doing that swap now,You can call me 727-643-9163 Sven. J30 eng in 300zx

How do you fix a blank display on an infiniti j30 radio?

have radio replaced or repaired