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take the pan off the bottom of the tranny the filter is inside

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โˆ™ 2004-08-16 23:44:00
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Q: Where is the transmission filter on an 86 Honda Accord?
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What type transmission fluid is needed for 86 Honda Accord?

Genuine Honda A/T fluid. Purchase it at your local Honda Dealer. Do not use anything else.

Will a body kit for a 1986 Honda accord fit on a 1985 Honda accord?

no the 85 and 86 accords are totally different body styles

Will 86 Honda accord lx sedan brake drums fit an 89 Honda accord lxi 2 door coupe?

They should fit as both years are the 3rd generation Accord.

Whats the spark plug gap for a 86 Honda accord lx?


How do you change oil filter gasket on 86 Honda accord?

The gasket comes preinstalled on the new filter. Make sure the gasket comes off when you remove the old filter. Apply a think layer of oil to the new filters gasket before installing.

What octane fuel is recommended for a 2000 Honda Accord LX with V6 engine?

86 or higher

How much transmission fluid does the 86 Honda 350 fourtrax take?

The 1986 Honda 350 transmission has a capacity of eight pints of transmission fluid. The manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the transmission fluid.

What is the timer and how do you adjust it on a 86 Honda Accord?

basically it is the distributor. public library usually has books to help

Which Direction to Remove power steering pulley bolt on a 86 Honda accord?

clockwise it is reverse threads

Where is ecu on 86 accord?

I had an '86 Accord, the computer was under the driver's seat.

Will the engine a 91 Honda Civic work in a 89 Honda prelude?

any engine will work with a little mod or alot of mods i wouldnt do it 86-89 honda accord should work

What sort of engines Honda and non-Honda will fit in an 86 Honda accord LXI?

The correct engine for your Honda is a w16 (16 cylendNH L JZF HLC;VJer) found in the bugatti veyron 16.4.

How much time to change the clutch on a 86 Honda accord?

3-5 Days, assuming 12 hour work days

Should the timing belt on 1986 Honda Accord need replaced if it has 86 thousand miles and no service records?

It would be cheap insurance if you did change it

What type of car does ph6811 fram oil filter fit?

It fits a Honda cb700sc Nighthawk motorbike, 1984-86

Where is the dip stick for a 1987 Honda accord lxi manual transmission?

86 thru 89 does not have a dipstick. the oil is drained out by a nut on the bottom of your trans. us a 3/8 rachet it fits right in to remove the bolt. then to fill the trans you have to remove the bolt up above the axel and pump it in.

How much does it cost to fix radiator in a 1987 Honda accord lxi?

My personal experience with my '86 Accord lxi: after calling all radiator repair shops in town, it was just as cheap to buy a new radiator with a warranty as it was to rebuild my old radiator.

Where is the transmission fluid resovoir on a 86 s-10 pickup?

There isn't a transmission fluid reservoir on an 86 S10 pickup. The transmission fluid is held in the transmission itself.

What would cause the automatic transmission not to shift until engine is fully warm?

Had problem with 86 Lincoln not shifting properly when cold. I assumed it was because the fluid was thicker and would be more affected by a clogged filter. I had the transmission flushed and the filter cleaned and it worked perfectly from then on.

Will a 98 Honda Civic engine fit a 86 Honda Civic?

Probably no...

Is there a 6 speed trans made for the Honda Rebel 250?

No, Honda Rebel 250 is 5 speed trans. bike. However, the 86 and 87 Rebel 450 had a 5 speed transmission with overdrive, so 6 speeds.

Transmission from a 86 Buick lesabre be swaped with a 90 Buick skylark transmission?


What is the Best spark plug for a 86 accord lxi?

NGK are the best for Hondas

Where can you find wiring diagrams for 86 Honda 4wheelers?

A clymer manual that is appropriate for your Honda model.

Will a 86 CRX 1500 fit in an 86 Honda Civic with the 1.5?

Yes, should be the same block