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Where is the turn signal connection on a 1988 Toyota pickup?

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As Number 5 would say "Need input" are you looking for the connection for the front or rear. Also please define what you mean by Connection. Are you looking for the connection on the wire harness or what. Good Luck and Remember.
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Q: Where is the turn signal connection on a 1988 Toyota pickup?
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Where can you find a 1988 to 1993 Toyota pickup?

How do you remove a 1988 Toyota pickup shift knob?

You just unscrew it.

Where do you put the spare tire tool in at for a 1988 Toyota pickup?

behind the drivers seat.

How big is the gas tank on a 1988 Toyota pickup with a 22re engine?

17.2 gallons

What size axle nut on front bearing 1988 Toyota 4x4 pickup?


What is the spark plug gap on a 1988 Toyota pickup?

For my fuel injected 1988 4x4, 4 cylinder, the gap is 0.0032".

Does 1988 Toyota pickup have a o2 sensor?

Yes. It's located in front of the catalytic convertor.

What is the fuel capacity of a 1988 Toyota 4x4 sr-5 pickup?

17.2 gallons

How do I tell if my 1988 Toyota pickup model RN501 KRA has fuel injection?

It is Fuel Injected.

Where is the turn signal relay located and how do you replace it located on a 1988 Toyota Camry?

it is in taylorville

What is the torque on a Toyota pickup 22r exhaust manifold 1988?

19 lbs on the studs, and 30 on the nuts.

Where is the ac low press switch on 1988 Toyota pickup?

Inside the evap housing, on the line to the expansion valve.

The truck doesn't go into gear What are my options for the problems?

The truck is a 1988 Toyota pickup with a four speed transmission.

Where is fuel filter on 1988 Toyota pickup fuel injected 22r?

I own a 92' Toyota pickup and i recently changed the fuel filter. It sat down between the block and the intake manifold on the back near the firewall. Check there.

How to get more power out of a 1988 Toyota pickup?

a Chevy small block will drop right in ha that will get that little turd to move

Does a 1988 Toyota pickup with a manual transmission have a filter?

it has an oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, but no trans filter.

Fuel pump relay for 1988 Toyota pickup 22r?

Driver side in the cab it's located behind the kick panel

Where is flasher for turn signals on 1988 ford f 150?

The 1988 Ford F1 50 pickup truck turn signal flasher unit can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard. The turn signal flasher unit will be to the left of the brake pedal.

Where can you find the EFI fuse on a 1988 Toyota pickup?

On my 89 it is in the fuse box under the hood on passanger side 15 amp closest to the firewall

What is the part called on a 1988 Toyota pickup fuel tank that bolts to the top of tank with three fuel lines running in?

fuel sender unit

How many hours does it take to replace an exahust manifold on a 1988 Toyota V6 Pickup?

depends on who does it...normal time bein 3-5 hours

How do you remove the ignition switch in a 1988 Isuzu pickup?

how to remove lock cyliner switch 1988 Isuzu pickup

1988 Toyota pickup intermittent wiper relay location?

It's behind the passenger-side kick panel. It's below the dash and in front of the door.

How much does a 1988 Toyota pickup weigh?

Curb weight 1270 kg (2800 lbs) <A href="">Source</A>

What size motor does 1988 Toyota pickup use?

Typically a 22R engine. It's the workhorse of that era and very reliable. I had one that was junked at 356,000 miles.