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Where is the turn signal flasher unit on a 1999 Z28 Camaro?

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2015-07-14 14:59:05
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2000 Camaro SS - I removed just the first panel under the steering column and found the small, metal turn signal flasher just to the right of the panel I removed. It was hidden mostly from view and clipped to next molding piece to the right. I replace this original metal flasher with a new heavy duty flasher and my sluggish turn signals are acting normal again!


The response below is not accurate, because the Haynes manual for Camaros 1993 - 2000 is not accurate in regards to the location of the blinker (flasher) relay!! The small, silver cannister to the left of the steering column is for the hazard lights only. The relay for the blinkers is actually to the right of the steering column at the very bottom of the dash compartment. Imagine running a line straight up from the gas pedal into the dash compartment beneath the steering wheel. Look for (at least on my 1995) two wires running into a red, plastic connector toward the front of the dash frame. That connector is what plugs into the flasher unit (which is completely hidden from view by the plastic dash-frame around it). Pulling up on the connector will pull the flasher relay out of its compartment. It is a round, aluminum cannister, and it looks just about identical to the one for the hazard lights. The old part removed was a Wagner 224.

I someone else out there! I Googled the heck out of this and nobody has the real answer--so I had to take apart the dash and follow the line from the back of the fuse down to the relay before finally finding it. By the way, the unit I replaced it with came from Advanced Auto Parts, and it is a Tridon Stant EL12 UPC# 020637303039. It works great!

Thanks to the poster above, helped me out imensely. I found this to be right on the money for a '99 V6 also. For those who don't like to work by braile, or hannging upside down under the dash (oh the head rush!), I found removing the plastic pannel directly under the steering wheel (the one that is the same color as the dash not the black ABS pannel) helped me spot the red connector with ease. It is attached with two Phillips screws and two small hex bolts. Removing just the Phillips screws and one bolt on the right gave me enough room to spot it. The relay is clipped on to a metal strut running from the OBDC II connector up twards the radio. It was about half way up attached with a speed clip


Likewise, this was very helpful in finding the flasher on my 2002 Camaro. In order to spot mine, I needed to remove both cover panels that conceal the steering column... the one that holds the trunk release button, and the one under the dash. This required a Philips screwdriver, a 7mm socket, and a pair of pliers.

"The turn signal flasher, a small cannister-shaped unit located under the dash, in a clip to the left of the steering replace the flasher, simply unplug it and pull it out of the clip...installation is the reverse of removal." -Haynes Manual

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The 1992 Chevrolet Camaro turn signal flasher unit can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard. The turn signal flasher unit will be above the gas pedal.

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The 1984 Chevy Camaro turn signal flasher unit is located beneath the drivers side dashboard. The turn signal flasher unit will be above the brake pedal.

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The 1995 Chevy Camaro turn signal flasher relay switch can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard. The turn signal flasher relay switch will be between the gas pedal and the brake pedal.

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The body computer is the turn signal flasher.

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