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Where is the upstream oxygen sensor located and can you replace it yourself?


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The upstream o/2 sensor is located in the exhaust system between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter. Some vehicles will have 2 upstream sensors (i.e. 1999 Chevy astro 4.3l engine has sensor for left exhaust manifold and another for right exhaust manifold). I am trying to find out for sure if you have to replace both when one goes bad. Bosch says both must be replaced!!!???

Oh yeah it(they)are easy enough to replace if you can see it (them).


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On the 98 u have two oxygen sensors an upstream and a downstream. The upstream oxygen sensor is located closer to the front of the truck by the transmission. The downstream oxygen sensor is located on down torwards the back of the truck along the side of the frame.

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There is one upstream and one downstream There is one upstream and one downstream

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The upstream heated oxygen sensor is located ahead of the catalytic converter The downstream heated oxygen sensor is located behind the converter

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There are 2 oxygen sensors one upstream and one down stream. Both oxygen sensors are located underneath the van. The down stream oxygen sensor is located behind the cataylic converter near the cross pipe and the upstream oxygen sensor is located in front of the cataylic converter in plain sight. They look like spark plugs with either 8", 12", or 14" wires attached to them. The upstream oxygen sensors is easily located underneath the vechicle to the front. The downstream oxygen sensor is not the one lcoated on or close to the cataylic converter.

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There is an upstream and downstream o2 sensor. The upstream is loctaed in the exhaust manifold before the catalytic converter. The downstream is located behind the catlytic converter.

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