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Where is the vacuum hose on a 93 Tempo?

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There is more than one vacuum hose. Which one? The one that controls the opening and closing of the vents for cold air distribution

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Where can you find a vacuum hose diagram for a 93 Nissan altima?

You can check junkyards,eBay, and other sources.

How do you repair vacuum hose for Chevrolet venture 2000?

The best way to repair a vacuum hose on your Chevrolet is to replace the vacuum hose. The vacuum hose is held in place with a retaining clamp on each end of the hose.

How do you replace front door actuator for 93 tempo?

how do you replace front door actuator for 93 ford tempo

Where does the transmission vacuum hose connect to on 1996 mercury villager?

There is no transmission vacuum hose. That is a vent hose.

What is a vacuum hose?

Its the hose that attached to a vacuum. Its where the suction is transferred from the vacuum cleaner to any attachments. Its also generically referred to as a vacuum for your car.

What is a burst vacuum hose?

That would be a vacuum hose with a hole in it, burst isn't usually a term I would use with a vacuum hose as it tends to imply pressure pushing out.

Vacuum hose diagram for 1994 ford bronco?

vacuum hose dimgram for 1994 ford bronco

Why would there not be any air coming out of the front vents on a 93 GMC Vandura with the fan working?

One of the vacuum hoses is probably broken. I had the same problem on an 89 vandura. Turned-out to be that the hose was gummed and couldn't hold the vacuum. It was a hose connected to the vacuum reservoir (ball-like object attached to the hood). Good luck.

What causes my 93 ford explorer to run erratic at an idle and even when you give it gas it wants to stall?

your vacuum line is either cracked or off. The vacuum line is located by the back of the driverside firewall. It is aprox. 1/4 inch hose. Reconnect if off or replace the hose.

Where is the vacuum hose on a 97 f-150?

Depends on which hose you are talking about... There is a diagram under the hood of your truck that shows you the vacuum hose diagram.

Where is vacuum hose located on 2004 trailblazer?

I need a diagram for the vacuum lines on a 2004 Chevy trailblazer

Where is vacuum hose on 98 Honda Civic DX?

The vacuum hose on the civic is going to be to the left of the intake manifold.

How does a themos flask work?

Also known as a Buchner or vacuum flask, the flask uses vacuum to filter samples. A vacuum hose is attached to the hose barb and the funnel is placed on top. As the hose creates a vacuum, the sample is filtered through the funnel.

Would a crack in the air hose make the engine sputter on a 93 ford escort?

The vacuum system on a vehicle serves many purposes. A cracked air hose could most definitely cause an engine sputter.

How do you install vacuum line on 96 Dodge Dakota?

Just pull off the old vacuum hose, cut an appropriate length of the correct sized replacement hose and push it on. If you can't find, or get, the right sized vacuum hose, windshield washer hose is often an acceptable replacement. BTW, it is totally acceptable to replace those hard plastic vacuum lines with rubber vacuum or washer hose.

How do you repair car vacuum leak?

Depending on where the leak is you just replace the vacuum hose or the bad part the hose is attached to.

Vacuum hose routing diagram Toyota Camry?

Should be a vacuum hose diagram attached to the underside of the hood or nearby.

Where does the hose from the oil breather cap go on a 93 ford tempo?

It gets poked in the back, behind the valve cover, it doesn't connect to anything it just lets the oil breathe lol.

What is tire size for 1993 Ford Tempo?

The factory spec for tires for a '93 Ford Tempo is P185/70R14.

Why would air only blow out of the defrost vent on a Ford Tempo?

The first answer is correct and heres where the leak most likely is. Under the hood, against the back firewall close to the middle, you'll see a vacuum tree. Several hoses plug in here. Both the Tempo and Topaz I've had this happen to, occured here. Look for a unplugged hose or a cracked or dry-rotted hose and replace as needed. Defrost is the AC/heat system's default position. Likely you have lost vacuum to the control head. When there is no vacuum to control the functions then it will default to the defrost vents.

Pool filter looses vacuum when you attach vacuum hose?

submerge the hose in the pool first to get all of the air out, then attach to the skimmer.

Looking for a 2000 ford expedition vacuum hose diagram?

A 2000 Ford Expedition vacuum hose diagram can be obtained from most Ford dealerships. The vacuum hose diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.

What is the spherical shaped item in the engine compartment with a vacuum hose attached?

If it looks like a mini UFO attached to a hose by the vacuum pump, it's called a vacuum diaphram.

Does the fuel pressure regulator on a 96 suburban has a vacuum hose?

NO. When a engine is running it makes it's own vacuum. That's why there is no vacuum hose on that year regulator. It is inside of the engine.

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