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Where is the windshield washer pump on a 98 Olds Intrigue and how do you replace it?


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2007-02-19 18:48:39
2007-02-19 18:48:39

Most of the later GM washer pumps are located at the botoom of the washer fluid container. You will need to remove the tank to get access to the pump.

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Its located right on the side of the windshield washer tank. It slides in and out for replacement.

Should be able to access under hood at center firewall plastic panel may have to be removed

the pump is often located behind the plastic on the front passenger wheel well. when you fold back that plastic you will see the pump on the side of the windshield washer container.

If you have some vehicle repair knowledge you can replace them yourself. If not, it is best to have a mechanic look at it.

Begin by removing the washer fluid tank hoses from your 1998 Oldsmobile And tree. Remove the washer fluid tank retaining bolts. The washer fluid tank will come off.

it should be under the cowl on the pass side of the car

I had to change my wife's a few months ago. You have to take a couple maybe 3 screws out of the passenger side front wheel well liner.Turn your tires all the way to right first. Pull back the plastic liner(wheel well) near bottom front and you will see the pump. Pretty easy from there. Switch em.

Use a 12 Volt test light 2 make sure U have 12 volts & a good ground @ the motor connection-IF u do, the motor(if good) will run.IF no runnie then down 2 your local parts store U go.

On the 99 Olds Intrigue, the camshaft sensor is located on the rear of the engine. It is just above the starter.

you might need a thermastat. my 98 was doing the same thing. its easy and cheap to replace.

The Oldsmobile Intrigue has rear wheel bearings that sometimes become faulty. It is possible to replace them by removing the old bearings and installing new or refurbished ones in their place.

To remove the shift knob on the 1999 Olds Intrigue look for the pin that is holding the knob in place. Remove the pin and pull up on the knob, replace kob and pin.

The camshaft sensor on the 99 Olds Intrigue is located on the engine block. It is under the starter, which has to be removed to locate the camshaft sensor.

What does 'service engine soon' light mean on a 1998 olds intrigue?

Need clarification on what you are asking.

To repair the power window on the 1998 Old Intrigue, you will first need to remove the interior door panel to access the window motor, switch, and actuator. You can then determine which part is broken or damaged and replace that part.

The labor time to replace a thermostat on your 2000 Olds Intrigue, is about one hour. How much it costs depends on the Hourly Shop Rate at the repair facility that you select. Just ask them what their hourly rate is & that will also be your labor expense. Also, cost of the thermostat, around $15.00.

The 1999 Olds Intrigue does have a dipstick. Use a funnel to add fluid as needed into the dipstick tube.

remove steering column shroud (housing) the switch is mounted to the column with two snaps, push on them to release the switch from column, unplug electrical connection at the end of wires

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