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the relay should be next to the battery right underneath the windscreen. it is connected to one of the vipers

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Q: Where is the wiper relay on a Renault 5 GTS?
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Go under the pass side of the dash where the fuse box is take out the 3 screws the cover comes off and you can see the relays.

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The fuse for the front windshield wipers should be located under the dash on the drivers side, in the fuse panel just in front of the door. Looking at my 1991 Subaru factory manual, I don't see a relay that is specific to the front windshield wipers. The back windshield wiper has a relay that is on top of the right rear wheel well, just behind the right rear speaker. Here's some help with diagnosing your windshield wiper issues... If the windshield wipers do not operate... A) in all positions: 1) Blown M/B or F/B fuse 2) Wiper switch 3) Wiper Motor 4) Wiper Link 5) Improper grounding 6) Open wiring harness or poor terminal connections B) in INT position: 1) Wiper switch 2) Intermitent unit (built into wiper switch) 3) Open wiring harness or poor terminal connections C) in Low or High positions: 1) Wiper switch 2) Open wiring harness or poor terminal connections D) in Mist mode: 1) Wiper Switch 2) Open wiring harness or poor terminal connections

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Windscreen wiper of your peugeot 206 work automatically without your command and stops after 4 to 5 times espacially when you start the car do you know about that?

There is a relay switch that could be faulty. There may also be a ground causing this problem as well.

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The document-sharing site Scribd shows the Renault 5 user manual for different model years for download. The formats offered are PDF and TXT.

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See Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement on page 5-57 of your "Owner's Manual", under Section 5: Service and Appearance Care.....

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