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anywhere, but its most openly practiced in places like England, Ireland, and places around and in Europe

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Q: Where is wicca religion practiced at?
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What countries use wicca as a main religion?

Wicca is only practiced as a minority religion. There are currently not enough Wiccans in the world to have their own country.

What is a wiccan commie?

A witch who supports Communism. Wicca is the proper name for the religion practiced by witches.

What is the Faerie sect of Wicca?

Yes, Faerie Wicca is practiced.

Where is Wicca practiced today?

all over the world but the majority is in the US. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since Wicca is a religion, it can be practiced most anywhere. The places that have state religions however, that are Christian or Muslim may have less in number because the falsely accuse us of satanism. Wicca can be practiced anywhere, but the U.S. and Great Britain have the highest number of known Wiccans.

Is Wicca a commonly practiced religion?

Wicca today is a commonly practiced religion, though many are still in the closet so no true number of practitioners can be accurately recorded. It is a very unique religion that people find themselves drawn to. It is a constantly growing and expanding religion that takes on new followers everyday, no different than any other religion. The main difference is that Wicca doesn't scare people into converting, as most of us believe that everyone has a path they need to follow, and if their path brings them to Wicca, then they should follow it, if it takes them to Christianity, then they should follow it.

Can Wicca be practiced with out a religious belief?

Yes. One of the easiest ways to do this is to belive in the voice of nature. Then, your journey begins. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, I seem an obvious misconception here. Wicca... is a religion. Witchcraft and spellwork are practices. Wicca is not spells, that's witchcraft.

What are Wicca practiced?

this article explains a lot about wicca, it has interviews with local witches, etc. :

Is there a Wicca word for sister?

No. Wicca is a religion, not a language.

How wide spread is wicca?

Wicca is a diverse religion that is practiced internationally. At a spiritual level Wicca can be interpreted as many different things. For instance people who practice Norse, Celtic, Greek, Inca, traditional Native American, and ancient Chinese paths are often considered Wiccan. Wicca is a nature-based religion that focuses on the cycles of the earth. Because of this many spiritual paths follow the basic principals of Wicca. Depending on one's interpretation of Wicca it is practiced in almost every country in the world. But, commonly people who are 'self-proclaimed' Wiccans reside in North America and Europe.

What is wicca-?

Wicca is a pagan based religion. People who practice Wicca are called Wiccans.

When was wicca accepted as a named religion in society?

Wicca was accepted as a religion first by the US Military, and then later by society, though many still to this day claim Wicca is not a religion.

Is Wicca a Satanic religion?

Absolutely NOT. Wicca is a nature based religion based on the beliefs practiced by Pagans for thousands of years. Satan is a belief based on Judaio/Christian testaments and the practice of Satanism was taken from that belief. Wiccans do not believe in Hell, heaven nor the original sin and therefore cannot worship "the devil"or "satan". There are Satanists, of course but they are not connected to Wicca.

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