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The problem is, there will not be just one diagram. Our diagrams and location indexes are literally pages and pages long. There are so many componets that you even have to have several pictures of the same area that list different sensors in that area just because there is not enough room for the words and arrows necessary to point to each sensor, actuator, relay, and solenoid. The best way I can think of is go to your local Ford dealer service dept, and if you ask nicely, they should be willing to run off some photocopies of the location diagrams in the back of the EVTM (Electrical Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual). If they wont do it, go to another dealer. Even a Lincoln/Mercury dealer has the same books. Somebody out there will do it for you.


There's nothing as detailed as the information the dealer has - but some be found on the internet. One source I use for my small fleet of 4 Ford products is They have many of the Chilton's repair guides online - for free.

Updated 11-09

There are extensive sensor maps in Autozone's repair guide - just ran across them a week ago.

Register and print 'em out...

Worth checking into for routine repairs, some advanced repairs, and much information.

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Q: Where on the internet can be found detailed diagrams of the engine sensors and components on a Ford Windstar?
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