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Where or how do you reset the check engine light on a 1993 Geo Tracker?


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2011-09-13 11:27:36
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Underneath the dash by the steering wheel is a small switch. move it up and back down. If this does not work remove negative battery cable and than reatach it.

AnswerThe "Check engine" switch is easier to reach if you remove the small panel at the bottom of the dash under the steering wheel. It's a small plastic switch with a metal face. Switch it to the opposite of it's current position and leave it there. I tried removing the negative terminal several times for varying lengths of time and it never turned off the light, although I have read that it worked for some people. Answeron 91-96 trackers, the switch is located under the dash, next to the speaker, drivers side. its actually mounted to the frame. move the switch button to the opposite direction that it currently is in, and the check engine light will go out. Remember that around 50,000 more miles, it will come on again, and you will have to do the same thing, just move the switch opposite the way you did last time. im not sure if the check engine will flash if there is an actuall problem, but it comes/ stays on after so many miles as a reminder to check certain things such as oxygen sensor, timing belt, which is probally the main thing that needs to be checked/replaced, because the will break, and if you lucky enough that it did not damage the motor, you will still be stuck until its fixed(no fire)

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An auto parts store can reset it for you.

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on the driver side by the front speaker up underneath is a switch that turns off the check engine light.

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There isn't a reset switch. The light is reset with a scan tool after the cause of the trouble code has been repaired.

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The check engine light is reset with a scan tool after repairing the cause of the fault.The check engine light is reset with a scan tool after repairing the cause of the fault.

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The check engine light has to be reset with a OBD scan tool

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