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There is a sensor screwed into the bottom left of the radiator as you face the car.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-08 16:58:35
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Q: Where to find thermostat on Renault 19 diesel?
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Can you put Renault 19 diesel engine in to Renault 9 diesel?

yes you can

Where is thermostat on Renault 19 situated?

Normally if you follow the top radiator holes to the engine should be right underneath the thermostat housing

How much to fit head gasket on Renault 19 diesel?

Just had to have mine done. Parts are only around

How do you clean carburetor of Renault 19 with the spray i cant locate the carburetor?

You do not state the year of your Renault. Unless it is a very early model, It may not have a carburetor to find. It will have a fuel injection system instead.

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When was the Renault 19 car produced?

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Do Renault clio seats fit in a 1994 Renault 19?

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Where is the air filter on a Renault Megan Scenic?

on the 54 scenic i have just done it is behind the the battery. you have to take the panel above it off. it is vertical,so you are only seeing the end of it. its held in with two screws. it was a 19 diesel model

Can you put a Renault 19 1.8 16v jreg engine into a Renault clio mk 1 and will it fit any mk 1 clio like a 1.1?

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filter? cracked hose?

Will a Renault 19 1.9td engine fit and be all right in a Renault Megan scenic 1.9 td?

hi m8 i believe it will, in theory they are the same engine! the harneses shud also fit.

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