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Where was Abraham Lincoln when he declared war?

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Lincoln declared an insurrection in April 1861. The Civil War, like the Vietnam War were un-declared wars.

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Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving an official holiday.

The US Civil War was NOT a declared war. The South was NOT recognized as an independent country; the South was considered part of the United States of America.

Abraham Lincoln was against slavery because he declared it was injustice and it was bad politics.

Abraham Lincoln declared the first national Thanksgiving holiday in 1863.

abraham lincoln was a chief and the president in the civil war

Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving day a holiday.

yes Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the civil war.

Abraham Lincoln spearheaded the efforts of unity after the civil war.

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the Union in the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln is the President who declared a day to give thanks to the Lord for all our blessings

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated shortly after the war ended.during the cicivil war Abraham Lincoln was president and he also got assanatied during the cilvil warlincoln got shot and killed

Abraham Lincoln was never a general during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States during the Civil War.

i think that abraham lincoln went to war because of the union

Abraham Lincoln was a leader in the Civil War and he also defeated the South

In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln declared that the purpose of the Civil War was to... *

5 days after the US Civil War ended, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Abraham Lincoln served as POTUS during the Civil War.

No the war ended on April 9 and Lincoln died on April 15 -correction. Technically the Civil War ended on May 10,1865, the day Confederate president Jefferson Davis was captured. On that day Andrew Johnson (the new president after Abraham Lincoln) declared the war officially over.

Abraham Lincoln should have been impeached. The arguments for the impeachment could be: Overstepping executive powers, overpassing the USC Amendments and Laws, and his blockade of southern ports because a blockade is only allowed when a war is declared and Lincoln said it was not a war but a rebellion.

Abraham Lincoln was president during the Civil War

lincoln did survive the war he was strong and brave

No. Lincoln did not fight in the Mexican War.

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