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Where was the computer first made?

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IT was destributed in Asia and its design came from Charles P. Babbage

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What was the first computer that was ever made?

The Manchester Mark 1 was the first computer that was made and worked.I do not know EXACTLY when the very first computer was made, but the first fully electronic computer was made in 1942 Iowa State College.

Who made the first computer ever?

Charles Babbage made the first ever computer

When was the first computer made in England?

The first computer was made in England in the year 1837.

Who is the person who made the first computer name?

Wkonrad zuse made the first working computer

What was the first computer ever made?

The first computer was an analog computer, probably mechanical.

James watts first invention?

made computer made computer

What was the first to the newest computer made?

first year of computer in world?

What was the first computer made?

the first computer is william seward burrought

Who made computer first?

The first logic engine which we would recognise as a "computer" was made by Charles Babbage.

What was the first computer mouse made off?

To our research we find that the first computer mouse was made out of Wood.

What were the first computers made off?

What was the first computer made of? If you consider that Charles Babbage's difference engine was the first computer, then it was made of Brass and steel.

Where wasthe first computer made?

The first electronic computer was made at Iowa State University, but, alas, it could not be reprogrammed. The "Z" computer was made in Germany, and was the first to be reprogrammable. The British Colossus computer was made at Bletchley Park, UK, but the first general-purpose reprogrammable computer, called ENIAC, was made at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946.

Where was the 1st personal computer made?

the first original computer was made in Britain

Who made the multifunction computer?

charles babbage made the vary first computer

What town was the computer made in?

The First TV, I mean the first computer was made in Santa Le Cabana France.

Who made the first computer in the world was called?

in 1837 Charles Babbage a british professor first made a computer'

When did Apple made their very first computer?

The first Apple computer, called Apple 1, was made in 1976.

Was the first computer made of electrical circuits?

The first electronic digital computer was.

When did the computer was first made?

That was a computer called ENIAC,but first machine was a calculator.

What city was the first computer made?

the first electronic digital computer was made in Ames, IA in 1942. the first analog computer known was made in one of the colony city states of greece in about 100BC.

How was the first computer made and who was it made by?

The first working computer was made by Konrad Zuse :) your welcome geeks! Answed By:Kelsey Brook Lemley :)

What is the first programable computer?

The Z3 is the first freely programable computer made by Konrad Zuse Made by Konrad Zuse , the Z3 is th first freely programable computer.

When Charles Babbage made first computer?

the first computer was made in 1969 wit the university student in united stat

What company was the first computer with?

The first computer close to as we know them today was made by IBM

When was the first computer programmer made?

1945, Charles Babbage inventor of first computer.