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Where would the reset button for the fuel pump be located for a 1991 dodge colt?

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It does not have a reset button or inertia switch.

2013-04-24 11:47:30
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Where would the fuel reset button on a 1991 dodge colt be if it had one?

I believe only Ford uses them.

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How would I reset the theft system on a n 03u dodge neon

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look in the trunk. if it has the relay button, it would prolly be on one of the sides, usually in a compartment. it would be a red button if im right. hope i helped

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I would suggest looking in the trunk on your car for the fuel reset button. Its there somewhere. Thanks kissthisbunny43

Where is the fuel reset switch on a 1993 F150?


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how down the reset button approximately 15 to 20 seconds...then you would notice the maintenance lights flashes. at that time, just press the reset button once more. that's all to it.

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No reset switch, Chrysler controlls the fuel system with relays.

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Yes , if the button has popped up then no power is going to the electric fuel pump , and the switch would have to be reset by pushing the button DOWN

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What if the reset button wiil not cut off the service engine soon light on the 2001 Oldsmobile alero?

If you are referring to the reset button inside of the fuse compartment then the answer to your question is that pushing that reset button is not meant to clear the service engine soon message. That reset button is what you would press after changing the oil (after the change oil message comes on to the left of the tachometer)... If your service engine soon message is on consistently then chances are you may have a problem with some part of your emission system.

Where is the reset for seats on 2001 Lincoln Continental?

there is not a reset, also you have to do is get the seats where you would like to have them and then press the memory button again and it should set to the new position.

Where is fuel injector reset button for ford ka?

My neighbours 2013 ford ka was hit at the rear and would not start. AA man looked for information under Fiat. I am told he reset by using a special sequence on the indicator switch. Perhaps the latest KA does not had a reset button.

When accelerating in a 2006 Dodge magnum rt there is a big lag in throttle response what would cause this?

you need to have the engine tuned on a machine by the mechanic, the timing could need reset. Also, Dodge Magnums have an anti-slip mechanism which if engaged, cause this sort of lag. There's a button on the dash you can disable this feature with.

How do you reset maintenance light 2003 Honda Element?

Here is how you reset it on an Accord so I would think it would be the same on an Element. Push and hold the odometer reset button while at the same time turning the ignition on without starting the engine. After 5 seconds the light will reset.

How do i Reset the oil life on a 2005 Saturn ion?

When you see the Change Oil light on, push and hold the button just like you would to reset the trip counter

Why might the rear cargo door on a 1995 Dodge Caravan not open with the remote control or the dashboard button?

It may be because there is a fuse blown that is used for that circuit. Your owner's manual would come in handy for this, as it would show you where the fuse is located.