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Where would you look for a vacuum hose that controls the heater vents and was disconnected when the transmission was repaired?


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2007-04-19 02:45:06
2007-04-19 02:45:06

i have the exact same problem. the hose comes from around the heater core area but i dont know where the otherend goes


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Yes, the overhead heater controls do light up.

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By make and model number.

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Don't know what vehicle you have but most HVAC controls operate from a vacuum supply from the engine. I would start with checking the vacuum supply connections under the hood. They could be cracked or disconnected.

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There may have been some water left in the heater core when you disconnected both hoses at the firewall. I can't think of any other explanation since there is no water circulating through the heater core.

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