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Which MP3 player is the best value for the money?

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We offer high quality MP4 Players. We use A grade screen and A grade Li-battery. Our nano2 style MP4 is quite good. Ultrathin design, the thickness is just 7mm. It can play 7 hours at least after charged. The solution of this player is Action 7515, It support SRS stereo and support up to 8GB capacity. Our players build in brand-new Samsung flash chip. Absolutely full capacity.

We are a professional manufacture and leading exporter of computer products in China. If you want to sale digital products in your country, pls contact us for wholesale price.

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Are ipods the best MP3 players?

The best overall MP3 player is the Apple iPod nano, as rated by Consumer Search. The best value in Mp3 players is the Sandisk Sansa Fuze also rated by the same company. If you cannot afford the iPod nano (about $140) than the best alternative to it was rated to be theCreative Zen (about $70). Also the best rated large-capacity MP3 player is the iPod classic.

Where can somebody purchase a Zen MP3 player?

One may purchase a Zen MP3 player for the best prices on eBay. On this website, the best prices can be found for Zen MP3 players as bulk buyers resell without a middleman, and therefore more of the money that you pay goes toward the actual product!

Which version of the Sony 2gb mp3 player is best?

Which version of Sony MP3 player with a 2gb storage size is best for you will depend on how you plan to use it. IF size is important to you then the W Series Walkman MP3 player would be best but you will have to pay more.

How do you download a song that is one youtube to an MP3 player?

I know 4K YouTube to MP3 player is the best option.

What is the Best MP3 Player on the Market including things like i-pods?

In my opinion the best mp3 player is a zune. check them out, hope this helped.

Where do you go to put music on your mp3 player?

best for mp3 music

Where can I purchase the best mp3 player?

Best Buy is most likely to have the widest selection of MP3 players, which ensure your chance of getting the best MP3 player possible. You can browse through their selection here:

Is the apple ipod touch second generation MP3 player just an MP3 player?

It depends what you mean by "just an mp3 player". An apple ipod touch 2nd generation is one of the best mp3 players or iPods you can get! I don't have one because of only obvious factor: the money! It's a lot of money. probably tells you a lot more about the apple ipod touch 2nd generation. But if you have the money and you want and think you would use it every day I'd recommend it.

Where can I find a good mp3 player remote?

The best and most affordable place to find a good mp3 player remote is You can choose from many retailers and pick the one with the best price for mp3 player remotes. Also, check out technology magazines to better compare the models of mp3 player remotes.

Is the iPod considered the best mp3 player?

not so...............................

Who makes the best mp3 DVD player combo?

The Apple IPod is the overall best mp3 DVD player combo. The sound is good and video playback is impressive.

Where can one purchase an MP3 music player?

One can purchase an MP3 music player at a number of different retailers. One can purchase an MP3 music player at stores such as Target, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Where can one find information the best mp3 player?

One can find information on the best mp3 player at your local Best Buy or electronics store. They can provide you with that information and lead you in the right direction.

What are opinions on the best types of MP3 players to buy?

The best mp3 player to buy is one that is a brandname, like an iPod

Does it cost money to run a Mp3 player?

no. as long as its not plugged into the computer

What is the best website to buy Sony mp3 player from?

I believe that the best website to get a sony mp3 player from is more than likely the sony website but you can also check out the apple website because they usually have alot of mp3 players

Does Best Buy sell MP3 player speakers?

Yes Best Buy sells speakers for MP3 players that will go into a car or you can get a seprate amplifier that will attach to your MP3 player to play at home or away. They have different qualities to choose from.

Which is the best mp3 player in world?

By sales and popularity, its iPod.

What is the best phone with an MP3 player?

iPhone, but its very expensive

The best mp3 player download file of computers?


What is Best drag and drop mp3 player?

Sansa Fuze

Which is the best iPod or mp3 player?

A iPod classic 64gb

What is the best mp3 player?

i have an ipod touch and a samsung galaxy player and i think the galaxy is the best because it has android.

What is a walkmen MP3?

A Walkman mp3 player is an mp3 player developed by Sony.

Is the Ematic a MP3 player?

Yeah its an MP3 player