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Which US presidents served only one term?

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12 Presidents have served only a single complete elected term - John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, James K Polk, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Rutherford B Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.Four Presidents - Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry S Truman and Lyndon B Johnson - have succeeded to the Presidency through death, and then gone on to serve a single elected term of their own.

Three presidents served only one full term but were elected to second terms which they could not complete . - Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley served only a few weeks or months of their second terms before being assassinated, and Richard M Nixon, resigned 19 months into his second term.

Five Presidents - William H Harrison, Zachary Taylor, James A. Garfield, Warren G Harding, and John F. Kennedy - died during their first terms and so had no opportunity to seek a second.

Five Presidents - John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester A. Arthur, and Gerald Ford - succeeded from the Vice-Presidency but did not win elected terms of their own and so actually served less than one term.

That gives 29 Presidents who were "single-termers" by one definition or another.

Of those 29 U. S. Presidents, the following ten were candidates in more than one presidential election but won only once:

John Adams (won in 1796; lost in 1800)

John Quincy Adams (won in 1824; lost in 1828)

Martin Van Buren (won in 1836; lost in 1840 and 1848)

William Henry Harrison (lost in 1836; won in 1840; see 3rd note above)

Benjamin Harrison (won in 1888; lost in 1892)

Theodore Roosevelt (won in 1904; lost in 1912; see 1st note above)

William Howard Taft (won in 1908; lost in 1912)

Herbert Hoover (won in 1928; lost in 1932)

Jimmy Carter (won in 1976; lost in 1980)

George H. W. Bush (won in 1988; lost in 1992)

In 1856, incumbent President Franklin Pierce sought but failed to win the Democratic Party nomination, which went to James Buchanan.

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Who are the two US Presidents that served only one term?

More than two Presidents served one term.

Who are the presidents that served only one term?

I believe it was five (5) one-term presidents.

How many US Presidents served only one term?

they were 12 presidents that have served one term withe 2 of them the last 50 years

How many presidents served only one term?


How many presidents in America served only one term?


Which of the first three Presidents only served one term?

Calandra Eineker

How many presidents in the 20th Century only served one term?


How many US Presidents served only one term and appoint the most justices?

George Washington is the president that appointed the most Supreme Court Justices. There have been only seven US Presidents that served only one term.

Find a counterexample to the statement all us presidents have served only one term to show that this statement is false.?

find a counterexample to the statement all us presidents have served only one term to show statement is false

Why are there 56 inaugural celebrations but only 44 presidents?

Some Presidents served more than one term.

Who are the 2 Presidents of the US who served only 1 term in the last 50 years?

Since 1962 the one-term presidents were Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush. Gerald Ford served less than one term.

How many presidents served one term?


What presidents have served more then one term?

John Adams is one of them.

How many Presidents served more than one term?

20 served for more than one term- 13 served 2 or more full terms and 7 others served one term and part of another.

How many US Presidents served more than one term?

27 of the 44 US presidents served more than one term in office. 19 of these were elected to more than one term in office. The other 8 served out the term of a president who died in office and were re-elected for a second full term. Only one president served more than two terms, Franklin D Roosevelt, who served three full terms and was elected for a fourth but died in office before finishing that term.

What presidents served four terms?

Only one president was ever elected for a fourth term. That was FDR. He died shortly after the election.

Which presidents served for only one year?

Zachery Taylor

How many US Presidents served only four terms?

Only four terms? That's the most any one president has served. Franklin Delano Roosevelt served three terms, starting in 1933, and died during his fourth term in 1945. Every other President has only served one or two terms.

Which of the presidents between 1809 and 1837 served just one term?

John quincy adams

Which president defeated a president who served only a partial term and he served only one term himself?

Jimmy Carter fits that description.

How many presidents served from 1789 to 1990?

There were 40 presidents from 1789 to 1990. (Grover Cleveland served twice, I count him one; counting this way, George Bush was the 40th, who had started his term 1989.)

Have any former US Presidents served in the senate?

Andrew Johnson is the only one.

how many American presidents has served for 12 years?

Only one- Franklin Roosevelt who served from March 4, 1933 until he died on April 15, 1945. He would have served almost 16 years if he had lived to finish his fourth term.

Was Rutherford Hayes a good president?

Hayes only served for one term, so his potential contributions were more limited that those of two-term presidents. Most historians rank him somewhere in the middle.

Which presidents served for less than four years?

William Henry Harrison (died Only served one month) John Tyler (Finished William Henry Harrison's term) Zachary Taylor ( died Only served one year and 4 months) Millard Filmore (Finished Zachary Taylor's term) Andrew Johnson (Finished Lincoln's second term) James A. Garfield (killed-Only served about 8 months) Chester A. Arthur (Finished James A. Garfield's term) Warren G. Harding (Only served 3/4 of his term) John F. Kennedy (killed-Served 3/4 of his term) Gerald Ford( finished Nixon's second term after Nixon resigned.)