Which brand swimming pool in-floor cleaning system is recommended?

None by me but others may disagree.


I believe Paramount manufactures the best systems on the market. There are three manufacturers. 1. Paramount 2. Caretaker/Polaris/Zodiac/Jandy 3. A&A Manufacturing. Paramount is the only company dedicated exclusively to In-Floor Cleaning Systems. Their products are the most efficient and technologically advanced systems on the market.

Caretaker Systems was a big player at one time, and there product is excellent. However they have been through three major acquisitions over the past three years. and the product line has suffered.

A&A Manufacturing is owned by Shasta Pool in Phoenix, AZ and their main business is building swimming pools.

With that said each manufacturer offers a lifetime Warranty and Cleaning guarantee, so they are all reputable.

**Take the time to call some pool techs in your area for their candid opinions of the floor cleaner systems. You'd be surprised at the consistency of their answers. k

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